A few dier questions

Ok I have been dieting for a few months now (T-dawg 2.0), pretty soon I will to p+c and p+f combos buts thats another story.

Ok my quick questions:

  1. I weight around 200 lbs so that comes out to 300 grams of Protein (if my math is right). How the hell do people meet their protein requirments when they are high. I know it breaks down to 25 grams a meal but still that is hard to meet sometimes.

  2. Second question is what happens if you miss the three hour window for your next meal. Should you have a healthy snack (almonds, beef jerky, or even low carb protein shake) to hold you down or just wait until you get a chance to eat.


It just takes a little time to get used to the protein needs, but it shouldnt be to much of an adjustment.

Get the protein lined out first and then add either the carbs or fats from their.

Also get your protein from varied sources. Eggs, beef, poultry, seafood, etc… Mix it up. Occasional powders and bars when you have a lack of time, or your schedual demands it.

As far as the eating and timing. Yes you should eat something. All the choices you listed are good options. You need to eat to keep your metabolism as fired up as you can while following a hypocaloric diet. It is allready going to be suppressed from the lowered kcals. By getting regular small meals you are going to limit that suppression as much as possible. By skipping that meal and getting a larger one in the next time you are likely to store the excess instead of getting a constant steady flow.

Hope that helps.


What do you mean “breaks down to 25 grams per meal” ? If that were true for your protein requirements, then you’d be eating 12 meals a day.

Simply take your protein requirements and divide it amongst the number of meals and post workout shake to get how much protein you’ll be takin in per meal.

Lots of meals, protein at every meal.

As far as how…well…every meal you need to be eating a large source of protein. It may seem like a lot for a while but once you start eating substantial protein serving sizes…its not a big deal. Eggs, beef, chicken, meal replacement and protein powders, cottage cheese, etc etc…

Read food labels. Know what you’re eating, know how many macronutrients you’re takin in.

Roc, your math is correct, but you should be multiplying your LBM by 1.5g, not your total body weight.

Second, DON’T miss your PWO nutrition. There are no excuses. Make and take your Surge, and have the next P+C meal prepared and ready to eat. Meal planning and preparation are critical to hitting your numbers and to your success.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!