A Few Cycle Question

I am in the second week of a D-bol/Test-E cycle which will total 14 weeks (wk 1-2 D-bol 30mg ED wk 3-4 D-bol 30mg ED Test E 500mg/wk wk 4-14 Test-E 500mg/wk) Pct will be Novla 40/40/20/20 and recommneded 12 week Test taper. This will be my first experience with Test. When I was younger (I am 21) I knew everything and therefore did what I wanted, so I have done a D-bol only cycle 3wks 30mg ED and most retartedly a 4/wk Anevol cycle.

For those of you who don’t know Anevol is a superdrol and p-plex clone. I believe it 15mg of each ED (5 mg per pill?). Fortunantly for myself I followed proper pct off of each of these and although I experience noticable shutdown off of each (probably complete shutdown off of the anevol) I was able to retain some gains and resume normal training off of the junk (and this stuff is junk).

Since the Anevol I’ve trained for a year and a half with only rudimentary supplementing. I feel I am physically and mentally ready for Test. There’s my backgrounds now for some questions.

  1. On the anevol I had some nipple sensitivity that Novla completely took care of. For the test will having Novla on hand be safe enough or should I also aquire an AI to deal with any serious flare-ups should they arise. What are the pros/cons to AI vs. SERM treatment- and I mean while on cycle, not PCT (20mg Novla for a week took care of soreness I had in wk 2 of anevol 4 wk cycle)

  2. I am anal-rentitive about constantly maintaining a clean diet. I think this may actually hamper me during my cycle. Not so much the cleanliness but the fact that I am so used to recieving an exact amount of nutrients a day. I try for 180 g carbs (all complex), 275 g protein(104 from shakes) and 70 g fat (70 is absolute maximum, some days I only have consumed 30g and will supplement 15-20 g with olive oil or peanut butter).

What adjustments should I make to acheieve the maximum potential of this cycle. I am an ectomorph and weigh 185 at 8.5%. My goal for this cycle is adding 15-20 lbs without increasing BF more than 1%. How much more fat do I actually NEED a day. Would i benefit from some simple carbs post workout. Is there any part of my diet that seems out of whack to any of you?

I am just looking for some constructive cricticism(sp?) and guidance because you guys seem to have a wealth of knowledge.

Thanks in advance,


It’s good to have your diet tight, but be careful of going the opposite route of a lot of first time cyclers here. Worrying too much about your diet and bf% WILL HINDER YOUR GAINS. I know because I used to obsess over calories, macronutrient ratios and food types myself. You have to ask yourself what your real goals are, specifically, and what, specifically, you are going to have to do to reach them. Personally I think not allowing yourself to gain more than 1% bf is ridiculous.

Do you want to be lean, or do you want to get big? Choose one and go after it, then work on the other. You don’t have to become a slob, either, but it is going to be harder for you if you don’t let loose just a little bit (THIS ADVICE DOES NOT APPLY TO A LOT OF OTHER POSTERS!). Now, all that said, you can achieve your goals within the limitations you have set, but you need to pay a lot more attention to how many calories you are getting, and to make sure those fat calories stay balanced (ie not too low). If you can figure out a way to eat above 4000 calories of all clean food, (preferably closer to 5000), you will probably make some terrific gains.

As far as AI vs. SERM goes, an AI on cycle will control estrogen all around, while a SERM will only target certain tissues. In addition, using an SERM on cycle will make it less effective post cycle if you happen to need it (if you are using the taper) or intend to use it then (if you are going for traditional PCT).

My suggestion to you is to use arimidex on cycle. In fact, I highly, highly suggest you do, as I almost gave myself boobies my first cycle and having arimidex would have taken care of that in addition to some other issues. A short way to state this would be: AIs take care of the problem before it starts. SERMs take care of the problem after you are already freaking out. Which sounds better?

Your cycle itself looks good. I might offer one suggestion, but it is not based on experience (though it is about to be, as I’m about to do this myself). I would move the dbol to weeks 4-7, as some of the very smart posters on this site have recommended that it is most effective to run your orals after your class I steroids have achieved maximum blood concentration, resulting in the most synergistic effect. Also some other guys are going to tell you to run a stasis/taper instead of PCT. And I am going to agree with them.

Let us know if you have any more questions.

Keep us updated.