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A Few Concerns

A while ago I posted some bloodwork results which were…

Testosterone Total- 694.6
Testosterone Serum- 743
Prolactin- 6.2
FSH- 1.9 (normal is 1.4-18.1), low end of normal, should i be concerned?
LH- 7.7
T-4 Free- 1.4
Estradiol- 67.5 (normal is 11.6-41.2)

Got Bloodwork done twice after E2 was down to 25 last set so I began a taper off my adex .25 from eod to e3d x2 weekw e4d x2 weeks…etc…hoping to prevent rebound again. I came off my cycle of test e 250 x10weeks in july/august ran adex thru and pct however did not run ai thru pct nor did I taper (rookie mistake. Once I got mmy first set of bloodwork I began my adex and just currently finished my taper.

However my libido doesnt feel as if it used to be before cycle. I wake up with wood but before cycle when I woke up with wood I was craving sex etc etc…now waking up its just like eh i could go for it but not something that’s strongly driven. I am getting another set of bloods is there any other test I should get besides the ones listed above.

Every thing for the last 2 sets have been normal first set e2 was 39 second down to 25 so i figured the taper would drop it just enough for hit 20-22 but blood will confirm. Will I ever feel normal again?