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A few bulking questions

I am currently dieting (dont diet@3000cals/d) and in a few days will start bulking (massive eating@4700cals/day). Firstly should I jump straight to the high cal level or ease upto it? Also what veggies do people eat with P+F meals, I eat brocolli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, zucchini(sp), mushrooms.
Secondly, I may have a slight shoulder problem (no pain when benching etc but sometimes when rowing/chinning I feel it a bit). Sometimes when moving my arms I get clicking/cracking noises (like when you crack your knuckles) coming from my shoulders. So I’m going to start the “Strong and healthy shoulders” routine and stop pushing movements and rowing/chinning movements for a few weeks. When doing this program would it be ok to do some extra side/bent laterals. Also in another thread it says to work the pec minor with incline flyes (I think I also read somewhere that pullovers are good for this).
For legs I am starting Ian Kings Limping… and I’ve heard people say they didnt do extra calf work but I want to add calf work so would it be better to do it on the upper body day (the day after legs). Also if I was to do a forearm program would it be better to do it on leg day or upper body day (for example if I do forearms before arms my arm workout will suck and vice versa).
Thanx in advance for replies.

IF you can jump into the cals then do it. I know i went from 2500 cals to 5000 i had to ease into it for a week cause i felt like i was going to vomit. Second the limping series is going to work your calves like crazy. There is alot of single leg movement.

working up to bulking cals from a cutting diet is very important for me. I seem to put on more fat if i jump right into a high cal diet. I usually take 2.5 or 3 weeks to work up to it slowly adding cals till i reach my goal. Seems to help in preventing massive fat gains compared to just jumping into it. Also it helps me control my frame of mind. The worst thing is if i go to bulk right from cutting i get that free for all feeling and i over do it on the wrong foods and it takes about 3 days to get it back under control. So it helps me mentally too! Best of luck!

I found it took me 3 weeks to eat up from 2200 (T-dawg 2.0) to 4000 cals (Eating Massive). First week I went to maintanence (2700 cals), second to 3500 and 3rd to 4000 cals. I found it prevent fat gains, curbed that sick feeling you get when stuffing your face more food than normal, and gave me a little extra time to plan out my diet.

For veggies during P+F meals, I use avocados, broccolli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, beans, spinach, endives, and any other dark greens I can get my hands on.

I prefer doing forearms first thing on arm days. Although I’m more fatigued when doing biceps it’s really not all that bad (I might lose a rep or 2 at most).

I’m currently on Limping and don’t really find the need to do calve work. The stabilization required for the one legged movements work the your stabilizers in your feet and your calves pretty heavy. Diamonds in the Rough (John Romaniello’s program) worked wonders but I wouldn’t do it while your doing Limping, because some of the movements (like siffie lounges) are taxing on the quads and glutes.

Yeah normally I work forearms on arm day but I thought that since I will be doing a specialised program it might be good to do them on leg day. But I also wondered if it would lead to overtraining to work forearms one day then come back the next day and work biceps.
Regarding calf work, there have been times when I’ve worked calves 4 times a week (including 2 days in a row). This was sort of following arnold advice as he says to train them everyday. I actually got very good results when doing this. So I thought that I could do Limping on Mondays and Thursdays and calf work on Tuesday and Friday?
Anyone have suggestions on the shoulder stuff?

Ok, just looked through the forearm program I will be doing (Toothpicks to timber) and it has movements which also work the biceps (reverse curl and hammer curl). So I will definately do it on arm day.