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a few bar questions

hey guys
i was just wondering what the advantages that come with additional bar length?
I have a 5’6 bar and I sometimes find that with bench presses, it is harder for me to keep
the bar completely even.I know doing this would be eaier with a 5’0 or so bar.
Also, these two questions are probably stupid, but how does an olympic bar differ from a normal bar and would it be alright to just hve an ez bar instead of a standard strait bar?

An olympic bar has the fat ends that hold plates with large bores. This is the type of bar seen in most gyms. A standard bar holds plates with a smaller bore. These are the type of bars commonly seen in cheap home exersise equipment.

The EZ bar is good for certain movements like curls and tri extensions, as it puts less strain on the wrist joint. It’s also only about half as long as a standard olympic bar.

Actually, the olympic bar allows the plates to rotate on the bar, which is important for the olympic lifts (hence the name). A short bar like you mention will DEFINITELY be a problem on squats and deadlifts. Obviously you don’t use a cage. For bench, the short bars are fine.