A female friend of mine is trying the don't diet diet. What is the formula for women on this?

OK I have read the don’t diet diet. I have applied it as if she were a man. I then found an old post that said to subtract 25% from the total. Ok This may sound ignorant but 25% from the total cal per day? Say I put all her numbers through the formula and get 2345 cal per day then subtract another 586.25 from that?

Just use the same calculation. Women usually have such a low lean body mass, that the calories will come out pretty low anyway. Make sure to use the correct activity factor. From my experience, use at least .1 lower than what you think you are. Monitor body composition changes and adjust calories or cardio as necessary to make sure the fat is coming off. The formula is just a start, you have to adjust weekly based on body comp changes.