A Fatman's Log

To keep it short & simple. Noob of sort’s, been training on & off for nearly 4 years, only the last year seriously.

Need something to keep track of what I do & hold myself accountable, so I thought this would do the trick. Very long time lurker on the website, about time I started posting really.


21yrs old
5ft 7
118kg (26/09/11)
Bf: Too much (Over 20%)

PR’s (All raw, no belt)
Squat: 230kg
Bench: 120kg
Deadlift: 180kg (sumo)
Push press: 112.5kg

Short term: Make visible progress losing fat, get some consistency into my nutrition, maintain strength where possible.

Long term: Abs on show, thats about it.

Today’s session (Legs)

Warm-up: bar x 10, 60kg x 1, 100kg x 9
Sets: 140kg x 3 reps x 6. 30 seconds rest per set
Leg extension: 52kg x 10 reps x 5
Seated leg curl: 59kg x 10 x 5

10 mins stretching/foam rolling

Cardio: 8pm
30 mins steady state cross-trainer

27/09/11 - PM


DB Incline Press - 32kg x 8 x 4
Flat DB Press - 36kg x 10 x 3
Cable Crossover - 25kg a side x 8 x 4
Press up x 20 x 3.


28/09/11 AM


40 minute walk/run intervals from house to gym.

In gym
Push Press
Bar x 3, 60kg x 5, 70kg x 3, 80kg x 2, Add Belt 90kg x 1, 95 kg x 1, 100kg x 1. Shortened rest periods between sets.

Lateral Raises
11kg a side, 1 up 3 down x 8 x 4.

Reverse Pec Deck (rear delt)
46kg x 10 slow tempo x 3

Close grip smith press.
60kg x 12 x 3

Superset tricep pressdown/overhead press
32kg x 12 + 6 x 3

DB Bicep curl
22kg x 5 a side x 3

Machine preacher curl
49kg x 8 x 3

10 mins stretching