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'A Fat-Fighting Drug That Shows Promise'



I think some of the scientific explanation in the article is a bit confused, but I thought the people here would be interested in this.


The only fat-fighting drugs with any promise are cocaine and crystal meth.


Tomorrow is Saturday.


And crack.




Actually talked to a guy who lost a tonne of weight on crystal meth at my work. Interesting discussion.


Thats actually pretty interesting


Lol - that old Jim Carrey routine on In Living Color where he was the weight loss guru who had all his clients on Meth - "Ride The Snake!!"


It's probably easy to lose weight when all your teeth are gone.



The study only lasted a month? Im sure Fen-Phen looked great after a month too


I remember this being strenuously debated between Prof X and CThibaudeau in the comments section of Thib's Carb Cycling Codex, the conclusion being there's some theory that suggests this is true, and some anecdotal evidence that suggests this is not a hard-and-fast rule.


At a basic level, in the presence of insulin certain enzymes/hormones are activated which block the release of lipid molecules from an adipose cell.

The idea is that fat cannot be used for energy if lipids cannot leave the fat cell and be taken to another body cell for consumption. In the presence of insulin, the release of lipids from adipose cells into the bloodstream is strongly opposed. In other words, your body's cells have trouble accessing fat stores when insulin is up.

Within that framework, I don't really see how a drug which improves insulin sensitivity is going to rapidly make obese people thinner if they keep stuffing their faces, at least not in the long term.