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A faster metabolism

Hi, i would like understand something for make my Split “better”

When i was young i was really skinny, 20 years 57 kilo for 1m80 i never stop to training even if I wasn’t regular (break a lot)
now iam 70 kilo for 1m80, in the confinement i was 74 and start in my view to be really happy already, evdn my body start to be “Harmony”. But i lose fast if im doing party alcohol and so on…

No iam 28 years old, my metabolism is still “faster” but for sure less than before, iam a hyperactive a bit, and now i training with a split program, 5 day by week.

I work 11 hours by day, but i get more free day, my job is social and nursing, so is not so physical but i walk a lot, my calves burn somethime.
So for the big seance, only leg i will always choice a off day, even if i need to change the order of my program because my day off change always, their are not the same .

So my question is, for gain mass, in my case, it is better maybe to have not more than 3 exercices for each muscular group chest, back and so on, just leg 4 exercices.
Also because i feel my muscles, i know how to do the exercices and i feel faster the sensation, the muscular congestion.
Because if my training is to long, i will burn more and i training after work somethime, so the day is long ^^
Also because i always improve the weight, and maybe more than 3/4 exercices will Be to much?

My diet is good, if i need i will eat more, just i try to manage that correctly, because when i work 11 hours and go to the gym, i think that i will burn a lot if my seance is to long.

I want gain mass, after to lost the Fat, so i was thinking that when i want to loose fat i dont change my diet but i can just increase the training ?
I don’t know, usual to say reduce “carbohydrates” for loose fat, but maybe is better to increase the cardio or a bit training.

Also the number of series, depend of us ? For the moment i do 3 series, because i stop for 2 month, after i will do 4 serie and two warm set

Thank for your help, have a good day, peace

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