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A farmer's Walk Question


I only have access to dumbbells to perform farmer's walks. I'm wondering if there is any appreciable difference in difficulty in performing the farmer's walk with dumbbells compared to real farmer's walk handles. I suspect that the true handles do in fact allow the lifter to use more weight but since I've never had the opportunity to use any I can't say for sure. I've seen videos of some pretty average-looking lifters confidently carrying 200-300 lbs in each hand using the handles. It just seems like an equivalent dumbbell might pose a bit more of a challenge. The most I've ever got to do is 150lb dumbbells because that's as high as my gym goes. If I can carry the 150lb dumbbells for 50m could I expect to carry any more weight with real handles? Is there anyone who can comment who has tried it both ways? Thank you.


you should be good for 220 farmers at least probably more, it depends. Some people when starting out have really good farmers walks as long as they are strong enough for the initial pick.

Dumbbell's will roll in your hands which make them harder to carry plus the weight is distributed across a great area on the farmers bars.


Often DBs have a bit thicker handles, and yes do tend to roll in your hand. Grip-wise it could present a greater challenge, but being that your body isn't used to walking with any more weight than those 150 lb DBs, I wouldn't expect much more from farmers.


That's what I was thinking, the DB handles are thicker and harder for me to hold onto.


DBs will be much easier to hold onto and walk with, even your heaviest DB.

the farmers walk event come in so many different configurations, some have thicker handles, some hang low, others hang closer to your hands. But all will have the weight spread over a much larger surface area than DBs, and therein lies the key difference. That weight will want to wobble and move around on you, so there is a tremendous strain to stabilize the weight while at the same time trying not to loose your grip and move the Farmers down the course.

try using a reg Barbell for Farmers, you'll notice the difference


I can hold and walk with alot more weight with nearly any set of farmer's walk handles as a can with DBs...


I don't agree, DBs beat up my legs big time. They also roll in my hands.


Is there actually a muscle the Farmer's Walk does NOT stimulate?


I'll say the cremaster, all other muscles get worked hard. Also doing farmer's walks prevents cancer.


please explain? That interests me alot.


I've also read some studies comparing farmers walks to other exercises in terms of a reduced risk of cancer. Deadlifts were also up there, but farmers walk was at the top of the cancer prevention arsenal. I think Jefferson lift usually came second. Could be a hormonal response - there is definitely a correlation, whether causal or not.


Are you guys taking the piss or being serious? Sorry, can't tell. Thanks.


Pilliar strength is the main reason for farmers walk, that's why they were made logger than dumbbells to stress the wall of the core.(swaying movement)
Dumbbells for walks are only good for grip work mostly.


I had the same problem and do this. Use tricep extention bars. you can load a good amount of weight and they are less stable than the dumbells. I also purchased "fat gripz" to increase the challenge