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A Fantastic Source of Training Info

If you are really into training, and are committed to learning more and more then i think i know one of the best program design systems you should use.

It is called ICE and it is by (Some people hate this guy) Big Cat on Bodybuilding.com

When i was… about 19, so 9 years ago now, i found those articles, like 20 of them. Detailed and lengthy. Logical and intelligent.
I printed them off, i read the whole thing cover to cover, i read it backwards (No joke), i made some programs, i made some notes, and i paid special attention to the bodypart articles - i basically studied it for 2-3 years, among many other things.

It allowed me to get a fantastic start on program design, an introduction to intensity techniques, bodypart training, specialization, periodisation, kinesiology, all the good stuff (remember, an introduction only, a great one for newbs tho) and for all the “newbs” coming here asking people for programs, you really would not go too far wrong by reading those articles a few dozen times.

I would even go so far as to suggest the Intermediates give it a thorough read over, as i am sure it will have a few things you didn’t know, or maybe just forgot.

I have seen people slag him off, usually about his articles on AAS, but i thnk these sets of articles are really well thought out, designed and most importantly, they are normal, everyday stuff we all do and know. Just in one, easy to find, easy to navigate place.

Newbs (and those always open to more info) you should definitely give every article a read, giving the most attention to the individual bodypart articles - you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

The link is:


Let me know what some of you think!

Joe B

Yup, I remember reading those articles about a year or so ago. Still have them on my favorites list. Good stuff

It really is, it stood the test of time… well only 9 or so years with me so far, but still…

Although he is obviously a skinny geek, with a bit of knowledge and tweaking those principles are the nuts and bolts.


looks like a good read… gonna read it later today!