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A Down Week On WS4SB?

Okay so I started this up last week. I’m now beginning my 2nd week, and next will be the 3rd obviously. I’m curious if this program is meant to go 3 weeks on with 1 down week such as pure westside, or if as long as I change the max effort lift and all the assistance lifts (flat bb bench first 3 weeks, dips 2nd 3 weeks, etc.)

is it okay to keep going without a down week, or should i take it? Just curious as this program doesn’t involve the 1-3 reps but instead 3-5.

I wouldn’t plan down weeks ahead of time. You’re not going to be using WS4SB if you are an elite powerlifter, so you can probably handle a lot more work than those guys can.

I’d say lift for as long as you can and if your body starts to rebel, then take a week off, but don’t plan them out way ahead of time because you might not really need them.

Jim Wendler once said something to the effect that beginners shouldn’t focus on “de-loading.” Leave that to the people who have trained this way for 5+ years.

Joe DeFranco doesn’t “plan” back-off weeks with his athletes. He said that most athletes will have off days or weeks due to various things (school, work, relationship issues, etc.) and that back-off weeks are tailored to the athlete depending on how they are feeling and what they need.

So as suggested above, don’t plan for back-off weeks, just hit it hard each time and when you feel beat up or worn out, take a back-off day or week until you feel good and are motivated to train again.

Besides, with vacations, holidays and other commitments, you may automatically have back-off days or weeks implemented into the program.

And be sure to read WS4SB3!