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A Dog's 531 Journey


Start Wendler 5-3-1 program with these tested maxes (1-2 May, 2009):
MP 115# (training max =100#)
Deadlift 325# (training max =295#)
Bench 195# (training max =175#)
Squat 285# (training max =250#)

3 May 2009
Bike 10 min, SH Rehab, YTWL
MP wu barx10, 55x5
Working sets 65x5, 75x5, 85x14 (1rm eq=124)
A1 pullups/chinups alternating 5/5/5/5/4/3
A2 MP 50# 5x10
DB side raise 10# 5x10
Bike 10 min


Just being the first to reply!!

Program looks fun..Happy training!


Way to rip it up, Sol!


Hey thats cool.
Boring but Big--right?

I like how you did the assistance then did the reps on the main exercise.

I have never thought of that.

On the the 5x10 assistance/volume on the big 4 lifts I use 50% wave1 55% wave2 60% wave 3.

Just watch it on the deadlifts - A real motherflower if you ask me.



Hey, thanks for stopping by MMM and sfp!

fischer - I supersetted the chins/pulls with the BBB just to make things more interesting and then added the side raises as a balance to the shoulder rehab stuff I always do for warmup.

I think I will do the increasing weight on the BBB assistance sets as you suggest. This session didn't feel like much although I am feeling it a bit today.


Remeber this is set up so that you will not be hitting close to your true maxes for 3-4 months. So this is a good time to enjoy the high reps and getting ready for the heavy stuff in a while. Just watch doing the assistance on the deadlifts blow up your back.


soldog, I just went thru the 1st wave. also doing the bbb. it's a lot of fun to be in & out in 45-60 minutes.


And by the time you get to doing your old maxes your true maxes are actually quite a bit higher.

Don't rush it and it'll pay off big time.


Hey Dog...
looking good on the max tests, solid work on that mp training
good luck with 531 now ALL the cool kids are doing it.



Thanks everybody!

Since this is the very first official training program I've tried, I'm going to stick with the program as written. Call me out if you catch me deviating...


the 5/3/1 police is watching your every rep
old lardass


That's right. We're watching.

Nice how we appointed ourselves police so no one will police us.


Looking good Soldog. I'm follwing this thread with bated breath.


Well that's what happens when your eat sushi (or what some people call bait)


First rule of comedy - don't hold the audience's hands.

Or was that the eighth rule...dangit!


Well I always have been a dorky nerd and not a comedian...


5 May 2009
Week1, wave 1-5?s
Bike 10m, sh rehab, ytwl
Deadlift (tested max 325, training max 295)
WU 135x8, 165x5
Working 195x5, 225x5, 255x12 (1rm eq 357)

(wimped out, should have taken my own advice and performed a full setup each time. Then it would have been strength not oxygen debt that stopped me. Live and learn?)

BBB DL 150# 5x10
Ab wheel BB rollouts from knees x10 (First time doing these one set is all I could manage)


That's good. j_willy gets the word right, Sol changes it to a homonym, and then makes an off-kilter pun with it. This is really a high-brow humor thread. I can see I'll have to watch it more closely in the hopes the intelligence will rub off.


Skid - did you take this guy off probation?


Had to. No punitive avenue and he has more energy than I do.