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A Dirty Little Secret for Bulking


There seems to be a trend in the strength training community as far as training routines for bulking. The generic bulking routine looks something like this:

Monday = Squats, Deadlifts, Chin Ups, Curls

Wednesday = Bench Presses, Overhead Presses, Extensions

Friday = Abs

There's nothing terribly wrong with the above workout (though I admit, I just pulled it out of my ass), but these kinds of programs lack something... Often times, they are too light. And no, I don't mean that lifting sets of 6 reps is heavy. That's light! When I say heavy, I mean heavy! Triples, Doubles, Singles...

I used to be a nerd in all things weightlifting-related and have gathered much knowledge that I often can't help but share to people. I'm having one of those moments right now.

So here's the dirty little secret for bulking...

The stronger you are, the easier it is for you to bulk. Yeah. There, I said it. What happens is that strong people can recruit more muscle fibers when lifting weights compared to weaker people, and therefore can cause greater "adaptive triggers", if you wanna call it that, to the worked muscle. In other words, who is getting a better workout? I guy bench pressing 300 pounds? Or a guy bench pressing 400 pounds?

The secret is to first be strong before delving into hypertrophy programs. I recommend Olympic-style Weightlifting.

When you start cleaning and jerking 315 pounds, your workouts will have much better quality.

Hope this helps.


this whole post isn't helpful for a beginner, at all.


besides, the secret to bulking is eating IMO,

not jerking 3 plates, which no beginner or even intermediate lifter can do.

A beginner could practically follow any program and gain strength/size.


I think there's a limit to that rule. Ever heard of the thing about how a beginner is so out of shape that his bench press will actually increase by riding a bike? You don't see Lance Armstrong getting huge.

I'm talking about securing the goal. Like, making sure it happens.


Yes, I've heard that. Mark Rippetoe said it to me when I interviewed him about Starting Strength. And it's a figure of speech, not a piece of training information to be taken literally.

"When a person first starts training, I mean first rattle out of the box, an 18-year old kid comes in the gym and starts training, he's so unadapted that riding a bicycle will make his bench press go up."

I'm going to be as polite as possible... dude, you're in zero position to be offering advice about anything training or nutrition related to anyone. You're an obese 22-year old who just got back from three years of not lifting.

You've read a lot. That's good. Put it to use for you, but you'll get nowhere quick on this site if you keep on this track.

The fact that you think "there's nothing terribly wrong" with the routine you just wrote is kind frightening. Although, I saw in your training log that you used to troll at bb.com. Take this as a friendly bit of advice, don't start it here.

Ask questions for yourself, use the resources available, but don't go around presenting your unfounded, inaccurate opinions as fact.


The secret to bulking is:

Monday: Squat (with more weight than last time you did it) + some other stuff, if you want; eat a lot
Tuesday: eat a lot
Wednesday: Squat (with more weight) + some other stuff, if you want; eat a lot
Thursday: eat a lot
Friday: Squat (with even more weight) + some other stuff, if you want; eat a lot
Saturday: eat a lot
Sunday: eat a lot

Where, "eat a lot" really just means "lots of milk".


Lol I want to agree with this bit I just can't haha.


Do you know how freaking long it will take some people to clean and jerk 315... Seriously years and some guys would just never be able to honestly. Also with this line of thought your more or less saying that almost every top level national body builder has been doing it completely wrong because they are not strong enough to be bulking correctly. I mean seriously man I dont know where your coming with this information but, you need to keep it to your self. Nothing wrong with stating you opinion but, do not state it likes its the only way.


Okay. Sorry. I shouldn't have made it sound like it's dogmatic. I didn't mean to.

I firmly believe in what I have stated, but I will admit that they are just my opinions. Sorry about that.


On a serious note, I agree that you'll get more out of a hypertrophy focused program when you're strong, than when you're not... but that's kind of common sense I think.

But, scenario.

A) does a strength program and gets to 3/4/5 1RMs before doing a higher-rep hypertrophy focused program for a few months
B) does only a higher-rep hypertrophy-focused program, and works his way up strength-wise to being able to do 3/4/5 1RMs

I don't really think A will be any better off than B, or vice versa.




I can't imagine the amount of people whom have probably read this thread and are practicing extreme censorship.



Big weights for big reps = mass, but for a beginner they need to first worry about the big weights, once they can bench 400x1 they can start benching 300x20, and build muscle mass. Now people will get hung up on details, and number's, but this formula has been working for decades.