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A Dinosaur Training Approach

Hi CT, I have a question, and I want to ask u coz I agree much with ur training

I was coming up with an Idea of a rep system, that is very simply, and also very effective when it comes to strength (at least for me). Simply put, I sart with a fairly moderat weight, and perform 2 reps, I then add 5kgs for the next set. and basicly continiue with this till I cant do 2 reps no more, Then I’m done with the exersice. I try to make sure it is a maximum 5 (maybe gonne bump it up to 6 total sets for slightly more volume).
This seems to me as a very good rep scheme, coz the first two maybe three sets works like warmup sets, and I also use them to focus much on technique. I also focus abit on the negatives.

but I want to know I will also grow bigger by doing this, I worry a little about the low volume (max 12 reps and only half of the reps are “heavy”.

My exersice selection are:
-Clean & Press (PowerClean-PushPress)
-Pullups, weighted
-Dips, Weighted
-Snatch HighPull / Snatch PushPress (Alternate between each workout)

I’m also thinking about maybe throw a highrep superset at the end of each workout for pure hypertrophy purposes (cable rows-chestpress, pulldowns-shoulderpress f.example)

So, what is ur opinion/answer to this ?

OH, and one more thing, out of ur experience on the snatch highpulls, do they build delts, more spesific, the lateral head ? or is it more of a pure trap builder ? I want to grow traps, but not too much coz then the physique CAN end up look bad (IMO)