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A Different Maximization


Most of the time I see the debate between the powerlifters and those interested in hypertrophy. But my goal actually leans towards something a little different: I primarialy want to maximize testosterone (and maybe growth hormone while I?m at it). I?m 45 and T is the Elixir of Life.

I know that all of this overlaps and powerlifting and hypertrophy can be married to T-levels. But, that said, isn?t the goal of maximizing testosterone different? What if your goal is to maximum testosterone and you don't care if you have to do a triathlon? dead lift a Toyota? do OVT until you almost drop dead?

And that leads to my question: what are the way(s) that you can maximize testosterone? From the research that I have read, these are some concepts that would seem to work:

  1. High intensity training of almost any sort
  2. The Olympic lifts involving multiple muscle groups

I would appreciate anyone?s knowledge of the subject especially with regards to current research because so much is happening in the field.



Don't forget the basics


Have you considered taking supplements to help boost T-levels? Tribulus based products like TRIBEX or Alpha Male have been proven to help boost T-levels. Other products help( "M" and others) to reduce free estrogen which helps boost T levels. Also, ZMA is good if you are zinc deficient, and to help good better sleep.

The most bang for your buck is probably going to be boosting T levels through supplementation instead of training.

Someone can correct me if I'm mistaken, but hasn't it been shown that intense training actually REDUCES Test? At least in the short term?


A short term thrashing will most definately lower T for a time.

And while supps can certainly help, I think you can do a great deal with diet.
Simply supplying the body with proper fat levels will do alot.
A proper breakfast is sooo important.
PWO nutrition is critical.
Avoiding as many processed carbs as possible.
Fish, lean cuts of red meat, chicken.
Keep aerobics to 30-40 minute sessions, maybe 3-4 times a week
Get plenty of rest.
Drink ALOT of water
And of course continue working out with weights.


And yes, what the others have said will be essential before you consider supplementing. Forgot to preface my previous post.


This is the opposite of the research that I've read. For example, the last study I read about showed that bench press did not appreciably increase T-levels but squats definitely did. The thinking is that squats engages more muscle groups.

But if you have more information on the above, I would appreciate it. Perhaps this is a matter of degree?


Sorry, but what is "M"? And why does reducing free estrogen boost T? I've read that before, but is it essentially like raising pH, i.e. you can increase the base levels or reduce the acid levels?


I would be surprised if my zinc levels were low. It's added to my Saw Palmetto supplement and I eat a lot of chicken and some beef at times as well. But I'm certainly open to ideas...


I am most everything above, but I have two questions:
1) PWO? Don't know what that means...
2) Can you say more about fat levels? I've read that eating sufficient fat is critical for T but have never read any specifics. Is there any research shedding any light on this?


PWO is Post Work Out