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A Different Kind of Kickstart, 3 Weeks Halotestin

We’ve all heard about traditional kickstarts to a cycle. Dbol to gain a ton of size off the jump, and Testosterone throughout the cycle to maintain that size and grow it more. Now, i’ve been wondering lately if a strength kickstart would work the same way. What is yalls opinion on Halotestin for the first 3 weeks of a blast, with Testosterone running beside it for about 16 weeks at 500mg pw. Would you maintain the strength (at least mostly) by kickstarting with Halo? I know halo is a nasty compound, that’s why i’m considering only first 3 weeks

Hmm im not sure i personally could justify the gains halo can offer for the potential toxicity and sides it brings with it. I also believe it is more commonly used towards the end of a cycle altho im sure it coule be used at beginning

People like to see progress as fast as possible, so the idea of kick-start. From my perspective it’s much better to front-load your juice, than keep your orals for plateau. The phase of mass gaining is based on progressive overload - why to exploit the entire potential of a stack yet in the first week of a cycle? My proposition, e.g.:

  1. month - front-load your fundamental compounds (TEST, NAND, BOLD)
  2. month - increase the amount of the base and/or add a short ester of another drug (TREN A?)
  3. month - maximize your cycle potency with an oral for another 4-6 weeks
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