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A Different Kind of Goal


How would you guys train a chic that wanted less muscle mass, who already had reasonably low BF?

Think as if Monica Brant wanted to look like Demi Moore or Madonna.


Back in 1995, Lisa, a drumer friend of mine, asked me to train her. I put her on weights, just like a guy. Not only did she grow like a weed, she's the most focused training partner I ever had.



Its almost as if you didnt read the original guy's post.


If your description is correct, I'd train her ass. HARD. Probably twice a night to start.


Either little-to-no-weight training and more cardio or just some lightweight training focusing more on circuit training for endurance/fat loss purposes rather than mass or strength.


Thanks for the opinion. Yea that is kind of what I am thinking as well.

The majority of chics are either so fat or so skinny that a regular routine yields huge results, but for in shape former athlete body types that have this petite goal, it is a different story. They respond to weight training better than some men.