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A different kind of bigness

As long as everybody’s talking about this sort of stuff, you know how when a big huge guy on TV, like 7’0"(or something), someone asks ‘Are you that big um everywhere?’. The guy says, ‘well why not, I’ve got big hands & big feet…’ Is it the same the other way around? If a girl is 6’0 or bigger & taller, would she be more ‘capacious’? & since I’m a pretty normal guy all around, would it seem to her that I’m less than normal because she’s bigger?

This is an interesting question, one i’d like to hear the answer to. Why is it that guy’s can be considered too small, what if she was just too big?
I met a girl last week who was sooo tight (hehe :wink: and she is quite short and very petite, so how about guys who have been with the “larger” lady, what did you find?
In the name of science we need to know!! ;-p

Good question! How come theirs no post?! I have a friend that is 6’7’’. He’s always bragging how big he is. I think he has a needle for a pecker. Hahaha. Most people that brag, don’t have crap. He a geek & has no girls. So I wonder…

(Wondering why I feel compelled to post here-oh what the hell) I’m 5’5", and was once engaged to a woman who was 6’. We had no “fitting” problems whatsoever. But it probably had less to do with the size of her goodies and more do to with my giant wang. And I mean huge-I once went to a nude beach and when I took my shorts off the tide came in. Nahh, I’m lying. It was a regular beach. People can be so intolerant when their kid’s sandcastle gets washed away.

I’d love to answer your question since I’m 5’11, but I have no clue as to the answer. My husband says I’m nice and tight, but then again he’s 6’4" . . .

I’ve been with 2 women. The first was 6’1 and was a basketball player at my high school. Virgin (as was I) and TIGHT. I met my future wife a year later, virgin also (I guess I’m lucky), and damn tight. BTW she’s 5’3 on her tip-toes. I have to say no difference. Well, maybe one- the taller girls require different positions than the shorter ones. I’m 6’3 and can twist my wife around like a pretzel, but couldn’t have done my ex like that. All other things relative, she was just heavier.

From my personal experience the smallest chick that I’ve been with was definitely the tightest. She was about 5’3" and 110 pounds. One finger was tight in her and she had had plenty of sex before too. Of course this tightness was not really a blessing as it hurt her even if it was just a finger, let alone having sex with her. On the other hand every other girl I’ve been with has been basically the same. Even one which was virgin.

Okay, here’s my contribution to humanity…
I’m 5’9", and in college I dated a girl who was 6’3". I’m almost at the exact mean of the male population in terms of weenie size, and relative to that, she was not “too big”. Sure, she was slightly bigger than other, shorter women I’ve been with, but not so big (or, rather, not so big compared to me) that it was at all a problem. I do have to say, though, that there are so many things that go into good sex besides the size of the genitalia involved that even if taller women were significantly “bigger”, I don’t think it would necessarily have a negative impact on sex no matter what her partner’s size. Most important is you gots to have skills!