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A Different Kind of Approach to Getting Huge


Ok so a basic idea of my training so far:

I've been training 4-5 days a week, at home, doing gymnastic style strength training. I started this purely in the pursute of functional strength, but as my body transformed in what seemed like overnight, I became hooked on the mirror- the vain side of things. I like to feel good about how I look, and lately having a hard time keeping a shirt on. (too bad I'm in Alaska and winter is here)

I needed size in my legs and want to be able to spend time with my wife at the gym since she's interested in bodybuilding and isn't real interested in hanging from the rings or training like a convict. So I joined a gym. I feel like I already have one of the best physiques in there, but lack mass especially in my legs. I am one of those guys that looks kinda skrawny with a shirt on, lacking mass in general. I got interested in looking more like a bodybuilder, not a fitness model.

My last workouts looked like this:

11/7 pm:
squats 45x15, 95x5, 135x5, 185 3x5
in between sets did:
pullups 3x10
chins 3x10

next did bent over rows 45x10, 95x6 135 3x6
in between sets did box jumps 3x10

deadlift 45x10 135x10 225x6

finished the workout with a set of:
burpees,mt.climbers,jumping squats 20 each as fast as I could

then after work in the a.m. did handstands, and ring training, but shouldn't have because I was terribly weak from the gym workout.
2 workouts in one day was a bad idea.
I should be able to add weight quickly at the gym, it was workout #1.
I will try and better balance these 2 different styles of training, I want to add mass especially in my legs.