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a different aspect of the war

Ok I beleive we all agree that Saddam is a bad person to his people and to the world. The reason though we are having this problem with him now is not his fault it is the America’s. You guys are probably thing your crazy levin what a moron you are. Lets go back a little time in history. When the US was so against IRAN we supported Saddam. We gave him weapons we gave him money we gave him everything he has today. He is shooting us with our own weapons. In case you did not know we did the same thing with Bin Laden against Russia. So your thinking oh these guys must of turned bad WRONG! Something about american politics we support whoever we need to get our way and usually it is some radical dicator because they are the only one’s power hungry enough to try and control their certain country. When these individuals that we support have no use to America we turn against them and claim “there the axis of evil.” We knew these guys were evil and ruthless and thats why we supported them so they would do Americia’s dirty work.
Us is very imperial not in the sense of coloines like the british but in the sense of business interests. By doing this it insures cheap raw goods for finished products to give the good lifestyle that we American’s have. I like the way we live so I can’t complain but I wish the US would just own up to their own actions.