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A Diet Question

I am currently looking to reduce my bodyfat while maintaining and possibly increasing strength, and am consuming about 2500kcal/day (training days)in the form of approx:

275g protein
100g fat
100g carbs

eggs, egg whites, whey/casein shakes, chicken/turkey, fibrous veg, cottage cheese and a few cheeky nuts, fruit, + carbs pre-post training.

So far this has worked well and I have dropped 5lbs in 2.5 weeks while still increasing. My question is, at around 187 (currently) would it be advisable to reduce/remove peri workout carbs, or reduce overall calories from my meals throughout the day? as I am obviously a fair bit above maintenance calories.

I know a lot of you may ask why I am cutting and not bulking at 187 - i got up to 192 a couple of weeks ago and decided that although I was as strong as i’d ever been I felt sluggish and slow, I am returning from injury and hoping to play rugby again next year, and wanted to get as lean as possible before starting a slow steady bulk, possibly doing something like the anabolic diet which would include hiit and specific rugby training. (I play in the backs which is why leanness/agility/speed takes priority over size and weight)

Thanks in advance for any responses.

This is what I would suggest-

Keep your peri/post workout shake the same. The reason here is that it will aid in your recovery and keep your anabolic window maxed out. Cutting either of these shakes is shooting yourself in the foot.

If you’re not losing as much weight as you were previously, then check your calorie requirements again. i.e. keep your protein at 1g/lb of bw and then subtract 300kcals from your current total kcals/day and see if that increases your weight loss.

Once your weight loss slows, subtract 300 and do this again until your weight loss goals are met.

Hope it helps,