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A diet for college students

I’m going back to school in a few days and plan on getting rid of all that “holiday fat.” i have read the “diet manifesto” many times, but am worried that my limited budget and disgusting cafeteria food may prevent me from succeeding with a diet. furthermore, i dont have that much to lose, so im not looking for anything too extreme, just something manageable, yet effective. are there any other students out there who have made modifications to a tmag diet and achieved successful results?? any other suggestions are welcome…

Also, you might want to read those School Days articles in issue 133 & 134. Good info for college guys there.

I gave the Warrior Diet a try last semester, and although it didn’t work too well for me (I lost some bodyfat but didn’t ‘adjust’ to fasting everyday), I think that a modification of the diet MIGHT work. This is the only eating plan I know of that doesn’t require too much money for supplements. What I was thinking about doing was a serving of Powerdrive for breakfast (optional) with a big cup of coffee, drinking and MRP when I got home from school (around 1:30 pm), study, workout around 6pm, then eat around 8pm. Right now I drink an MRP in the morning and some Powerdrive. I take protein bars to school with me, and munch on one when I get hungry. I think if you’re not willing to do the Warrior, then a common sense approach of reducing your caloric intake along with a maximum of 100 grams of carbs daily will shed the fat off. Think CALORIES!

I’m still in school too, At our caf. there is plenty of plain meat and veggies to choose from and if I don’t eat there I just have an MRP. This works great for me right now, but I’m not trying to cut.