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A Diet for a Beginner


So,as posted in


I am going to start training in few days,with cardio every day and Stronglifts 5x5 3-4 days a week.
So,I went on and created a diet:

6 A.M. 1.Meal: 3 Whole Eggs + Yogurt
9 A.M. 2.Meal: Cottage Cheese (150g)
12 P.M 3.Meal: Chicken Breast (300g)
3 P.M 4.Meal: Tuna (200g), Spinach(90g)
6 P.M 5.Meal: Cottage cheese(150g),
9 P.M 6.Meal: Chicken Breast (300g),Post Workout carbs

And on cardio only days/rest,taking the bread out of meal 5.
The breakdown of the diet (without bread) is:

Calories: 2000
Fat: 71g
Cholest: 1,065mg
Sodium: 615mg
Carbs: 63g
Sugars: 18g
Fiber: 10g
Protein: 245g

Any good?
Is that too much/less fat or colesterol?
How to eat eggs - Raw or cooked?
And chicken breast fried on olive oil?

From 6-12 PM I will do alot of cardio,so are those meals enough?

Thank you in advance,Loco =)


Well i'd get some carbs into your first meal (can't beat oats and whey) and also i'd have a differnt source of carb than bread before workout (banana / sweet potato) and also some carbs in after workout, like 25g of whey and 40g dextrose and a banana, only if you are training hard though, no point doing the carbs after workout if you are going into the gym for a chat.

Also i would not advise cardio EVERY day, you might find it starts to make you tired throughout the day on such a strict diet. You might also want to add some extra healthy fats into your day, maybe pick up some CLA or maybe 200g of chicken with salad and 20g of nuts with meal 3 or something ..


Well,the problem is I can't get Whey,but I will try and get oats.

Should I make some kind of shake or something with it?
And can I use it instead of bread?

Not going to gym,doing it at home and cardio outside...

What would you recommend adding?
I don't want to lose muscle tissue,so I'm not sure if it is enough fat.


Bring up my post please...few days remaining...


This may sound obvious, but what are your goals in this endeavor?


if thats for bulking you need more calories and way more carbs.


My goals are losing weight and gaining muscle.
Doing cardio and Stronglifts 5x5.


I hope you realize that you can not lose weight and gain muscle at the same time. Depending on the type of cardio, you could burn up a lot of muscle in a hurry. If you want to lose weight, you are on a good track, although I would lower the fat calories from 31% to 25% and would raise carbs from 15-16% to about 20%, either breakfast or post workout. Since I don't know how big you are, I don't really know what your maintenance calories should be, so I don't know whether 2k cals is viable for you.


No,but you can lose fat and gain muscle :slight_smile:
*made a typo in last post :smiley: *

Cardio is riding bicycle for 15kms,swimming,15kms again (in the morning,weights in the evening).
Low fat and add carbs you say?
Will try :slight_smile:

I think I would need to add atleast 15g more of fiber to the diet,what is the best source?

And about my size:

1.93m high

Haven't yet measured bodyfat...


Diet looks fine for fat-loss, as is the regular cardio. Always cook your eggs, don't want to risk anything.

The most important thing is consistency. You've done well to come up a plan but now see if you can follow that plan consistently.

Start up a journal here:

That way you can be held accountable for your progress.


If my metric conversions are correct, you are about 6'1" and about 220 lbs? If you only consume 2000 cals per day and do all that cardio, you will lose fat and muscle because the body will be starving itself. I would start at 3000 cals for the first couple weeks, then drop 250 cals at a time. Your fat loss should only be a couple pounds per week to try to preserve as much muscle as possible.


are you just fat or do you have a good bit a muslce on ya? because like arms afire said youl lose muslce but if your just fat then perhaps it woudlnt be to bad.


I am 6'4",I have some muscle,but it is covered with fat (except some on arms and legs).If I suddenly lost fat,I wouldn't be skinny ^^

What food should I add for bumping up to 3000 calories?


It doesn't matter what foods you add, just whole foods with as little processing as possible. Try some steak, ground turkey, yams, oatmeal, wild salmon, more eggs and some egg whites.