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A Diet and Supps That Work for Me

3 weeks, +10lbs LBM -8lbs Fat

Yes, I know it reads like advertising copy, but how else can I entice you to read my mad scribblings.

I started eating what I call paleo-lite in that I cut out the grains and potatoes, but kept in diary, alcohol and sweets. I know myself well enough to know I couldn’t abide by that kind of diet.

I also started taking 25g of liquid fish oil, ZMA, and 4000 iu of Vitamin D daily.

While I’ve spent 28 years in the gym pushing weights around, I haven’t worked out since February.

I’ve used this website http://home.fuse.net/clymer/bmi/ to calculate %bf figuring it’s a simpler version of what the military uses. Last year when I did the V-Diet, I ended with a LBM of 166lbs.

Three weeks ago, I cut out the grains and I calculated that I was 26.6%bf at 218lbs, 160lbs LBM/ 58lbs FM. A little over a week later, I added the supplements. Yesterday, I was 22.5%bf at 220lbs, 170lbs LBM, 50lbs FM. I still haven’t worked out.

So, I’ve finally found a diet that works for me. I can cut out the grains relatively effortlessly. In turn, I’m eating lots more fruits and vegetables and it seems a healthier way of eating overall. I’m in no way saying that grains are evil, only that I see no compelling reason to include them in my diet.

While I’ve been shocked at the changes in three weeks, I don’t expect them to continue at the same pace especially absent any growth stimulus from training. So, to that end, I cleaned out the shed and put my weight equipment together and started working out again yesterday. It feels really good.

Conclusion? Fish oil gooooood. :slight_smile:

Sure, it sounds fantastic and I’m not entirely sure of what’s gone on.

Week 1 - remove all grains (wheat, oat, barley, rice, tapioca, hops, and potatoes)
Week 2 - add fish oil, Vit D, ZMA
Week 3 - same as week 2

If you want an explanation of what’s happened, I can venture a guess, but that’s all it is. Perhaps the dietary change has removed a low grade acid load ala Berardi. Perhaps the change has allowed the body to deal with excess cortisol. In the last year, I’ve gotten divorced, laid off, bought a new house, and moved. Perhaps I’ve only been sleeping better and that has removed an impediment to growth. Truthfully, I don’t know.

All that I can say with certainty is that the tape measure shows 2" off my gut. The scale show 2lbs more and my clothes fit tons better. Anything beyond that is speculation.

Dang it. I thought I replied.

Week 1 - remove all grains and potatoes ( wheat, oat, rice, barley, corn )
Week 2 - add fish oil, ZMA, Vit D
Week 3 - same as week 2

fruits have alot of carbs though??

You are correct. Fruit is full of carbohydrates. While I’ve increased my fruit intake, it isn’t equal in caloric value to the grains I ditched. Some of the grains have been replaced with fibrous and leafy green vegetables. It’s not a low-carb diet, only a healthy diet that my body seems to like.

It’s an undeniable law of body composition (unless you’re on roids and possible antibiotics. Think fattened/muscular cow). Eat shit your body don’t like and your physique is going to suck, either through direct means (hormonal issues affecting muscule protein synthesis: increased cortisol, low test, etc) or through indirect means (things that make you miss workouts: weakened immune system, chronic muscle pain, etc.)

On a side note, I doubt the accuracy of your measurements, but I do not doubt that such a change in diet would produce amazing results, especially in the way that you feel, if you were intollerant to grains (as many are).

Fitness does not equal health, but you have to be healthy to allow for fitness.