A-Dex or Nolva on Cycle?

Hey guys,
Wondering what would be better to take on a 10 week test 3 cycle at 400mg a week and 20 mg of dbol for the first 4 weeks…was going to take .5 a-dex EOD to prevent bloat or gyno but now considering taking 10 to 20 mg nolva EOD…which one would be my best bet for this cycle and my gal of preventing bloat and gaining clean along with preventing gyno?


Arimidex. It’s an aromatase inhibitor.

Nolva is a SERM.

Take Arimidex. Have some nolva at your side just incase estrogen gets too high.

Ok thanks pitbull. ED or EOD at .25 or .5?

EOD (being that it has a longer half-life).

The amount depends on your reaction to the AAS, how aromatizable they are, etc.

Start with .25 mg and adjust from there.

Ok midnight sounds good. Thanks

If possible Aromasin is a way better choice IMO.