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A-dex on Cycle and Still Have Small Lump

So I did a cycle and didn’t use enough AI. Developed 2 small little pea sized lumps on my right nipple. Kept on cycle and did a letro protocol. They went away. Sex drive and energy were shot tho. Once lumps were gone I started use of .25 EOD a-dex with 400cyp, and 600eq. The lumps came back. I’m using liquid but bumped it to a-dex 2x a day .25 in am and same in evening. Should I up or switch to letro? Lower dose of aas? Looking for suggestions. Nolva and letro on hand. Thx guys!

I have the same issue. Just noticed these lumps last night. Running nolva and arimidex every day for a week if it doesn’t work I’m gonna run letro

We know that it takes 1mg anastrozole per 100mg T to manage E2 in a TRT context. You are not using enough. Do labs or do gyno surgery later, your choice.

Your tiny AI doses are a joke.

That’s not true. " we" don’t know that at all. Not everyone needs arimidex even at 300-400 mg a week. It’s too big of a blanket statement man. You can’t advise people blindly without knowing even base info like their liver function which is what governs esteogen elimination.i think you are a really intelligent guy but man I’ve seen people with doses as low as 75 mg a week unable to continue HRT due to impaired liver function even on AI and then on the opposite side patients have used 400 -500 a week and not needed an AI whatsoever.