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Ok so like a previous post i made i am on TRT, i am getting my E2 levels check on Friday, if they are high what would be A-dex protocol? This is what i am currently taking, also what would be the benefit of getting HGH and having my IFG-1 levels optimal any help would be great thanks
HCG 4000 IU first week M/W/F 2000IU M/W/F (after first week)
Clomid 50 mg ED
Nolva 20 mg ED
Test C split up shots twice a week 250 mg in total M/Thurs. are shots

So again with this TRT protocol if my E2 level is high how you recommend me taking the Adex and also what would be the benefit of taking HGH with the TRT protocl, my IFG-1 is 234 so i think thats middle?? I am also 24 year old male my Total Test was 196 btw.


Have you read the stickies? If you had, you would know the answers to these questions.

1 - Adex info is in the stickies. Basically most guys run 0.25mg EOD (1mg/wk total)
2 - That dosage of HCG is all kinds of whack. That is a PCT protocol, not a TRT protocol. TRT is more like 250iu EOD.
3 - You don't mix SERMs with hCG!
4 - I don't think you need any growth hormone.


I herd about not mixing SERMS with HCG, i talk to my dr about that and i guess we will see where my E2 level is on friday and adjust to it. So if my E2 level is high drop both Nolva and Clomid period and start with ADEX .25 EOD? Also i herd HCG 500 iu EOD, but your saying 250 IU EOD should be good enough?

I can't afford to keep running it at 2000 IU so im prob gona drop it down anyway. I've read a couple of articles about HCG and they said last shot should be a week before you drop your cycle and not to use it for PCT. Again any help would be great. I've read a few things but confused a bit.


cattfish, my other question to you is what would the benefits be of HGH, on this TRT protocol? I herd it gives it a synergistic (i think that's the right word)"effect". I am 24, yes i am young but i want to be running at optimal levels, so if a small dosage of HGH will help then great, if it's a waste of money then forget it. My life is fitness and that's a big reason why i would like to be running at optimal levels. Thank you for your help.