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A-Dex Dosage Info


Just got some A-dex.
Had a total E of 189 ! (range was 40-115)


Is is OK to take .25mg ED,
or is it better to take .5mg EOD

Seems to me ED would produce more stable blood levels.

I figure I will take for 2 weeks, than do blood work for E2
to see how dosage is working.

Does ths dose sound right ???

I am taking 10mg of Androgel daily, and came back with high E levels on BW.

THANKS for the help !


I am in the same boat at you, i am also on the gel. I use the chemone version of a-dex, and i am useing 1/2 cc EOD, so far this has worked great for me.


1mg/wk is often enough for most guys on a typical 100mg test ester per week. On gear, one needs more.

Dose ED or EOD, whatever makes sense for you. As you are doing gel ED, make the adex part of that routine.

Test for serum E2, (ultra sensitive [quest] is not needed). Lab range will be 0-53. 17-20pg/ml would be ideal for most guys.


I concur...

Also look into getting a compounded cream. I use to use one with Test Prop, Progesterone, and Arimidex all mixed together. Though I didn't like it much, it does show that it is a possibility to simplify things a bit.