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A Degree!


I am currently a freshman in college.
I highly enjoy training, as you may have guessed.
I enjoy staying healthy and nutritional.
I like to let people know how to be healthy by spreading my wealth of knowledge.

The problem is that I don't know what to do with my life.

I've always been told that I'll be an engineer when I grow up since math was always easy for me. I decided on going into Computer Engineering because I have a slightly extensive background with computers.

Now the more engineering classes I go to, the more that I want to be a physical trainer, strength coach, health guru, etc...

I've thought about opening a gym with a couple buddies, so should I be taking business classes? Or even getting a business degree?

The reason for this post is to educate the young, impressionable students about the different types of degrees or jobs you can have in the field of training.

Bonus points if you can also state some higher learning facilities that have notably good academic programs (I've heard that Eastern Michigan University has a good Exercise Science program, and I'm thinking about attending there next year).


Univ. of Michigan
Univ. of Connecticut
Florida State University
Univ. of Florida
Univ. of Texas

Those are good schools to check out.

As for degrees, if your goal is to open a gym, and the gym is your business, and your goal is to make money, then get a business degree. But definitely take some Exercise Physiology/Kinesology classes to gain information, or even possibly double major or minor in it.

You can PM me my bonus points later on today.


College education = making good money running a gym

about as much as

running on a treadmill = makes you big and strong


My advice in terms of education and career is not to make decisions that close the doors that are currently open to you.

What you want to do may change over time, but have a degree in an area that gives you a lot of options (of course, if you wanted to do a certain degree related career path you'd have to do the related degree).


Are you trying to say that I don't need to go to college at all?


Hah, I wish I could get into University of Michigan.

I thought about double majoring in Computer Engineering and Exercise Science, but I would be in school for at least six or seven years since hardly any credits transfer from degree to degree, therefore a lot of money on school. I thought that I could do some engineering to get some cash, and then after a little while open a gym with the money I've put away.

These are definitely some pretty ideal situation, but I'm just trying to figure out a general path to take.


I would think pretty hard about a Computer Engineering Major with a Business Administration minor. Two excellent degrees in varied industries.

You could certainly still run a gym with those credentials, but you'd have so many doors opened with an engineering-biz combo.

If you're like most college students, you will either change your major or at least strongly consider changing it at least once. I changed mine twice in college. So if you're not quite sure what you want to do after college, go for versatile and useful degrees. (Like ENGR and BIZ!)

A little off-topic here, but an Engineering undergrad + MBA + J.D. is a pretty wicked little combination that gives you a basic understanding of just about everything worth knowing if you're willing to spend a few years getting it...


Natural Nate said it best in this case. Having a college education isn't going to score money in your pocket if you intend to run a gym. Good business decisions will, and no education can guarantee that (help, it can).

It almost seems as if half of every damn undergrad is a business major, but you don't see millions of businesses popping up every spring. Most of them use it as a foundation of knowledge for things other than owning a corporation.

As a freshman, you have loads of time to consider, reconsider, and consider again. Personally, I wouldn't seriously start weighing my options until I got all my General Curriculum out of the way, which will obviously vary with each school.

I recommend a double major if you happen to truly love more than one field. The idea of pursuing a minor makes me want to hit something; a minor ultimately means nothing.



Gerkin, what I mean is: Getting a college degree will not really help you if you want to own a successful gym or be a successful trainer.

Take a trainer with the best degrees and certifications attainable...and pit him against one with savvy marketing skills (and zero degrees or certifications). The trainer with the marketing will make far more money.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is NOT coming from a place of experience.

And the marketing you learn from college is not savvy...to put it mildly.

Now as far as planning your future...I have no idea. Wrong guy to ask about that. Good luck.


If you do want to get into a Business Program or Engineering at the aforementioned schools make sure your credentials are on point.

I can't speak for the other places but it is HARD to get into McCombs here at Univ. of Texas, and the engineering school to boot.


I got that the MBA is a business administration degree, but what's a J.D.?


Juris Doctorate. It's a law degree.


I dont have much advice on the whole degree thing, but make sure you go check out Eastern Michigan before you make a decision. I like pretty close to there and had visited for a sports career there. It is not a good campus IMO. It is pretty dangerous too. I know people who go there and enjoy it, but I also know some people who wont live on campus and just commute because they dont enjoy it. It is a good location though, close to Ann Arbor and pretty close to Detroit, too.


Thanks for all the advice, guys. You've all made me so much more intelligent, haha.

Golferguy, if I go to EMU, I'll be sure to check it out and I'd probably live off-campus with my cousin.