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A day in the stomach of...

I ran across this on the internet, thought it was interesting. CT is the first one mentioned and frankly I am shocked by what most of these people eat. Then again powerlifting is about lifting alot of weight not looking good naked.

Yeah that’s right! We ain’t no bodybuilders! My buddy Bob is on there. You should see his cell phone, all the food places on speed dial. You’d cringe if I posted mine.

Holy fuck! Did I read that correctly? 6 1/2 litres if skim milk a day?

These are some big guys. Roger is a masters lifter who squats close to 800, and Glenn power cleans 400+.

Sully, I’d like to see what Murph eats. What’s the macronutrient breakdown for Guinness?..

Kim-No, you really wouldn’t! lol. I’m not sure of the nutrient breakdown of a large iced coffee and three donuts.