A Day in the after-Kerry life of Bob, the democrat

8 AM: Bob wakes up to hear screaming and fighting on his front lawn. Rushing to the window, he sees Jesse Jackson and Kofi Anon fighting.
8:01: Bob screams – “Hey, get the hell off my property!” This causes Kofi to stop and start to giggle – “Property! Hee, hee! What an old fashioned notion!” giggles Kofi.

8:02: Jesse says: “Well, I believe in property and this house belongs to the black community!!” “No”, says Kofi. “He’s an American exploiter so the home has to be sold and the money given to the poor in Africa. Everyone knows that you only get rich by stealing from the poor!!”

8:03: “Well”, says Jesse, “we never got our 40 acres and a mule so I’m here to collect. I figure that this house oughta cover it!”

Now, Bob is getting pissed. “My grandparents came here from the holocaust in 1938. I had nothing to do with slavery or the poor in Africa. I’m a firefighter and an American!!”

8:05: Cops arrive. Bob explains that it is his house. “Sorry Bob”, says one cop. “These guys have a claim – ever since President Kerry signed the law about reparations for slavery. Also, in an effort to cooperate with our European allies, the World Court at the Hague now has jurisdiction. They ruled that we have exploited the world for the past 100 years. Havta move ya out!!”

8:25: So, at the point of a gun, Bob, his wife and kids, are evicted from their home. They do not notice a news crew filming from down the block.

6:30 PM Bob is at the firehouse, his wife and kids huddled in a corner. Some of the firemen are watching the evening news. “Hey Bob, come see this! You’re on TV!!” Bob rushes to the set and there is President Kerry, with a tape rolling behind him. It’s film of Bob and family being evicted. “And now you can see how awful and evil it is here in America! Another family evicted because the Republicans ruined our economy!! We need more and even tougher laws …”

Don’t quit your day job…

That was absolutely fucking moronic and ridiculous!

Where the hell have you been, Elk?

Well, there’s two minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

Missing you Rainjack! I have been pretty busy at work, but I still manage to read your posts from time to time. I could not help but respond to this one. I hope you were not to hard on your wife when the kids were gone! J/K. Rain my friend I hope you will not be too disappointed in November, but don’t worry I think you might actually like it when Kerry is our president! I have also been getting my lift on pretty seriously as of late. More on that later in the training threads. I hope you have a good weekend I’m out!

It was meant to be moronic – like the two clowns heading the democrapic ticket! That someone would actually even think of signing a ‘Slavery Reparations’ act is moronic! The guy is so stupid he doesn’t even remember voting against body armor, then uses this issue to attack Bush! And people support this clown!! He’s like Moore, who can’t distinguish between an error of knowledge and a lie. What a bunch of fucking clowns!!
Oh, and sorry to waste someone’s 2 minutes. Should of spent same looking for your sense of humor!


Funny stuff! Thanks for the post.