A Cycle within Long Term HRT

I have been on HRT for some time now due to extremely low natural test level. Taking 200mg text-c once per week plus an AI. I have been making slow and steady gains – with the emphasis on slow. I have access to some additional test and was considering a blast of 10 weeks at 600mg per week and then return to regular HRT. I would then repeat the blast later in the year if I still need some size.

I am now 240, 6’3" at 10% bodyfat and want to get to 255 or so and keep the bodyfat in this rantge. I have no intention of going off HRT, so not so concerned with PCT. Do you guys see any issues with this protocol? Is this enough test for the blast to see some real results? I have access to Novladex if needed, but nothing else. Appreciate you help

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
You have it correct; 600mg/wk for 10 weeks (or higher for shorted duration would be my choice) with a commensurate increase in AI will be fine.

No need for nolva really, though you could add in an oral after 3-4 weeks of extra test, to really maximise gains. Only run the oral for 4-6 weeks though.


sounds alot like my plan really.

500mg test E for 10 weeks or so, and then down to 250mg a week.for several months and then back up the 500 again
nice little blast and cruise protocol
when you go for the “blast” phase I would go with .25mg of arimidex ed during the 10 weeks.
then during the “cruise” you can lower that to your weekly dose.
be sure to get blood panels after each cycle and adjust your dosages accordingly.

Maddy - what have your results been at 500 per week? Trying to get 15 solid pounds with this plan – think it will work

Yup - it is a good practice for some… depending on personal factors of course, and availability.

I would do 6-8 weeks blast 6-8 weeks cruise year around personally… giving 3-4 cycles a year :wink:

Increased Test, tren or deca with dianabol… nothing fancy.

A steady increase of ~30-40lbs a year is fucking good going IMO.

I’d be happy to be 5’8", 240lbs and 10%bf in 1 year from today… :wink:


[quote]Tenp250 wrote:
Maddy - what have your results been at 500 per week? Trying to get 15 solid pounds with this plan – think it will work[/quote]

your results will mirror how you train and how you eat.
I can not stress that point enough.

my results are kind of weird, I am not really keeping track of results,as long as I am stronger and I feel better thats what counts
I started out my “cycle” with 500mg/w test E
and 200mg/w Deca
with a maintenance diet I have lost no weight but I have lost size in my waist and gained size in my shoulders and arms ect
I have a shift going on as far as body recomp.
with people that I haven’t seen in about 2 months they notice a difference,I have been asked a few times what it was I was eating and if I was on a diet, ect its not very dramatic but its still noticeable enough to get questions. muscles are fuller strength is up I have all the good parts of having a super high amount of test in my system.
I have no sides besides a slight case of acne, and some laziness starting to come on but I am tweaking my Ai dose and both are getting better as I assumed correctly about it being Estrogen related.

currently about 6 weeks in and I just had my last deca shot and I will stay on the 500mg test for another 2 weeks and then I recon a few weeks after I drop to my normal TRT dose I will take some measurments.I want to let the Test kind of settle down a bit and get to my “normal” levels again before I start writing anything down.
I figure once I drop the dose is when I will be cutting as well.

I would say eat big,but clean lift heavy and 15 pounds is well within reach,thats not an unreasonable goal.
a prior cycle years ago with the same amounts and I gained close to 20 pounds in 7 weeks. lost some due to a failed pct, but just as reference.

again its all in your diet and training.

I don’t have access to deca tren etc. Is the test alone enough to get some decent gains? Should I increase the test?

[quote]Tenp250 wrote:
I don’t have access to deca tren etc. Is the test alone enough to get some decent gains? Should I increase the test?[/quote]

test alone at the 500-600 range should be plenty.

Since my natural test is very low and it takes 250 to get me to the top of normal, is 500-600 still enough in this case?


Sounds like a solid plan of attack but I would monitor your hemoglobin pretty closely.

[quote]Dave Rogerson wrote:
Sounds like a solid plan of attack but I would monitor your hemoglobin pretty closely.[/quote]

this is true.
a common thing is having too high of a rbc count.
it will cause high blood pressure and a mess of other problems.
some people recommend donating blood every once in a while to fix this issue.

Let me ask this question a different way and appreciate the experts input. If I have low test and need 250mg to get up to the high end of normal, would I need more test for a cycle or blast phase than someone that has naturally high test. Said another way, do I need to add 500mg per week of test above the top range or normal (which would be 750mg for me as it seems to take 250 to get me to high normal)

Hope that makes sense.


Don’t over analyze. First of all 250mg/w of test should definitely get you way over high normal. I don’t know if you cited the circumstances of your case - but something is out of whack here. Also, 500mg should give you even more of a boost, as will 700mg again. Best is to go one step at a time and max out gains at each level.

I am not on my blast cycle consisting of 250 Test-c E3D and .25mg Adex ED. I’ll return to my HRT level of 200mg per week in mid June, perhaps a bit lower. To answer a previous question, I think it took 200mg of Test-C to get my to high normal because I wasn’t on an AI. Last lab test showed E2 at 45, so that might be the reason it took so much test-c to get me to high normal. Do you all think .25mg Adex ED is the right dosing to get E2 down to the mid-20s as well as deal with the extra test I am now taking?

Also, to change the subject a bit, during my blast I have dramatically increased my volume and frequency. I seem to recover very very fast. Intensity is not maximal, but decent. I will drop down to a lower volume, higher intensity routine when I go off – make sense?

Thanks for your help.

FYI only, i’d do the following as a regular Blast + Cruise cycle:

-Test any ester 200mg/wk - 6-8weeks

-Test any ester 750mg/wk
-Deca or Tren 400-350mg/wk (respectively)
-Dbol or Drol 350-700mg/wk - 6-8weeks

Also - you mentioned intensity is not maximal. I am of the school where load and intensity are different beasts, and IMO intensity should be maximal in all phases EXCEPT de-training/recovery phases.

As for AI dosages - TBH there is no written rule, no-one can tell you if 0.25mg/day is enough or too much. We can only give a starting off point, and you have to take it from there - blood tests and sides being the best and most common ways to measure efficacy.