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A Cycle for BJJ


i have a question i have an impordant competition coming up and i have an smaller one soon so i have been dieting for it and im almost done but i still have alot of fat. And for the impordant competition i would like to take something that make me as strong as possible for that weight class i train 6 times bjj a week and 5 times lifting sessions that makes my bjj better.
so would anavar be a good choice? or maby Testosterone Enanthate 300-500mg a week.
Sorry for bad english!

Height? Weight? Bodyfat %? Training history? Time until competition? Are athletes tested?

I have been training about 7 years and this would be my first cycle

height is 186 cm i think weight 86 after dieting for and local competition its 16 weeks to the
impordant competiton i would like to be as strong and have the best cardio as possible at it is not normal to get tested in the competitions but they can come to the academy to test us but it is very very rare.

my height are 186cm i dont know about my bodyfat its pretty high i think weight 86kg now after diet the comptition its in 16 weeks.
no not normaly on the competition but they can come to the academy and test and in local competitions they can not normal but they can