A couple questions

  1. Should you work out at the same time every time you workout?
  2. Is there a too low when it comes to BF%? because i just got one done (at my gym mind you) and it was at 2.4%.
  3. I know the colour of urine can tell you about infection, etc. Can the colour of feces determine anything?-im serious on this.
  4. Can i change my routine every time i workout a particular muscle group?
    If you can answer some or all of these it would be great. Thanks. -cross


  1. yes 2)you would be dead if you are staying at 2.4 (I don’t even think it is possible to get too 2.4) but the answer is yes. 3)yes, I used to drink alot of grape drink and I would shit purple!! realy! talk to a doc. if you have any concerns. 4) yes, but why would you?

1.doesn’t matter, just get it in. 2.yes, but it depends on how you got there, 2.4% is an inaccurate measurement you would be dead. 4.anyone that doesn’t change their workout every time is an idiot.

That’s just not true. People keep saying this 2.4% number, but they are not counting the fact that lean body mass decreases the number. If you are extremely muscular, you can have the same amount of fat as someone less muscular and still have a lower body fat percentage.

Just wanted to address the body fat question. If your BF% was truly 2.4%, then you’d be having some serious health issues. I assume you got this from caliper measurements. First, calipers are quick and convenient, but not all that accurate. +/-3% is common, and that’s with some one who REALLY knows what they’re doing. Second, calipers measure subcutaneous fat, not total body fat. There’s a substance called “brown fat” in the body that lies within the muscle itself. Methods like underwater weighing take this into consideration. Not all the convenient, however. If total BF% (including brown fat) were at 2.4%, then yo would most likely be in a hospital. Figures I’ve heard is that anything below 6% will cause health issues, and anything below 4% is lethal.

Thanks for the replies. The gym used some sort of device that you put in your body weight, height, build, then they put a laser/light on your bicep of your dominant hand. I think I may get it tested somewhere else as well to make sure. Do u think i should go to a doctor? By the way im 17, 6’1, 164 lbs. Thanks alot