A Couple Questions

Ok i have a few questions for everyone.

I’ve heard that flys are better for building muscle and bench is pretty just for bragging rights. Any truth to this?

Hairy feet = good circulation? A few of my friends have told me this before. They have hairy feet and good circulation. I have no hair past my ankles and my feet are cold all the time. Coincidence or fact?

The first statement is completely off. Bench Pressing with proper form is the best chest exercise available.

Maybe the hair keeps their feet warm.

are your friends hobbits?

Don’t Hobbits have hairy feet? Just thought of this when I read this post. :slight_smile:

You don't bench, don't expect much growth in the chest area. More than likely the "bench is only for bragging rights" was made by people who don't work on their bench or have weak bench presses.

I have one of the best chest development in my gym and I don’t ever do flat bench. I do incline press though, twice a week westside style.

Personally I like incline bench for mass building, combined with dips, they are unstoppable. And top it off with straight arm pullovers for a massive pump to show it all off.

I have hairy feet and my feet are ALWAYS freezing to death.

It’s disheartening that this rumor is circulating: “flys are better for building muscle and bench is pretty much just for bragging rights”. That’s ridiculous, a shitty isolation excercise better than a compound movement like pressing? Never. Flys are worthless, in my opinion.

also, remeber that Vince Gironda was a big fan of dips. Nobody in his gym did bench for chest and he and his ‘boys’ had some of the more impressive chests. One the other hand he said that squats will make your thies too thick so they all did hack squats and all lacked in leg development.

Training for chest: If all you are going to do is flys, there is no way that you will ever grow. Bb and db presses from all angles (incline, flat, decline) are superior. Forget about the flys until you get some mass.
Hairy feet? Do apes have good circulation???

To those that agree with the statement about bench is for bragging rights, what is it that moves the weights?

I find that doing dips really hurts my upper chest… my arms are quite a bit stronger than my chest and while doing dips i find that my upper chest caves in a little and gives way. I’ve decided to solve this going light on dips (just body weight, or maybe even assited dips) until my chest is more capable… any other ideas?

… sorry, that didn’t have much to do with the original post… i have been told by many experienced and big lifters that flys are a waste of time… so i never do them.

Various presses are all superior to flyes for developing chest. This, however, assumes that you are bench pressing with proper form. If you aren’t, you’ll shift the emphasis even more to the anterior delts and/or triceps.

As for your second question, I can’t say that I’ve ever heard that rumor before. Ever thought that your feet are cold because they don’t have the hair to insulate them? Then again, I doubt your friends have Sasquatch-style hairy feet. I have hairy feet, but I can’t boast of great circulation. Then again, I live in Maine, so my feet get cold for a reason…