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A couple more questions

  1. What’s the recommended dose for r-ala?

  2. Why should I avoid a multivitamin that uses iron?

Thanks for the help.

search on r-ALA and iron…

there are at least very 3 good antioxidant articles and one very recent article re: iron.

why is it so hard for people to do there own research.

There was a good article on here a month or 2 ago about iron toxicity in men. It was pretty informative but I don’t remember the specifics. Try a search in T-mag and the forum.

Take 100mg r-ALA per 50g of carbs.

Lonnie Lowery wrote a great article on iron and men. Do a search.

Most males get more than enough iron from their food. Have a look at how much meat you eat a day and add it up. The other reason is that males don’t get rid of their iron (in their blood) unless they cut themselves or go and give blood.

Hey, there, Kid. The article everyone is talking about is Lonnie Lowery’s, “Keep the Iron on the Bar,” www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/278iron.jsp