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A Couple Food Questions

I got a couple questions about some foods and the answers could change my diet a little.


  1. Difference between regular brown rice vs Uncle Bens 90 second brown rice(or wild rice)?

  2. Is Skippy NPB actually natural? It’s ingredients: roasted peanuts, sugar, palm oil, salt. Shouldn’t I just be looking for “peanuts, salt”?

  3. Emerald nuts(smoked almonds, cashews, etc.) good? They also contain oils like peanut oil or cottonseed oil.

I really want to “lock down” my diet and take in the best foods possible to both add muscle and get much leaner. Therefore, I want to get my my fat intake from the best ones possible, as same with protein and carbs.

…I’m pretty sure I have a few other small food/diet questions I just can’t remember them at the moment.