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A Cool(er) Steroid Thread


I don't know if it's just me but reading threads about first cycle questions gets a little old. I appreciate the advice given and I have learned a lot form them but, as one eager for new knowledge, I wish there was more variety to the threads. I also imagine it becomes frustrating to the experienced members to hand out the same advice over and over. With this in mind, I decided to create this thread around a couple of questions that will hopefully give the rest of us (people who don't know shit) a little of insight from people who have a lot of anecdotal evidence to share.

So here are the questions. Feel free to answer one, two or all of them, as you see fit. Detailed answers will be greatly appreciated.

  1. If cost were not an issue, what would your ideal cycle look like? Why?

  2. What drugs would you avoid at all costs? Why? I imagine most will tend to stay clear of drugs like mibolerone (cheque drops) but I think we could get some interesting answers from vets who avoid some of the "classic" compounds for particular reasons and I think this is worth reading.

  3. If you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently?

I would like to thank in advance anyone who takes the time to answer and hopefully we can get into some very interesting conversations where even vets will learn something new.


Question 1.

12-16 Weeks
1000mg of Test E
750mg of Tren E
50mg Daily of Dbol first 6 weeks

Why: At 1000mg of Test I start to see serious strength and size gains coming also I start to hold much more bloat at this level as opposed to even 750mg so I just really like 1000mg seems to be my sweet spot.
750mg Tren because I am absolutely in love with Tren right now am only 500mg and can only wait to slowly bump to the 750mg and see whats in store. I am seeing zero sides from the Tren other than slight problems staying a sleep.
50mg Dbol because I love Dbol great water retention and quick strength gains however I have to be careful with this drug as going over 50mg I start get pretty elevated BP which I just cant have considering I normally have elevated BP.

Question 2.
Honestly I have yet to find a drug that really gives me such negative sides that I would stay away from but, I probably wont run Deca ever again due to just not responding very well to it. Honestly could have and should have just spent the money on extra Test.

Question 3.
My first 2 cycles were done at the age of 16 in high school both consisted of 600mg of Test E a week and 25mg of Dbol for 12 weeks. I had no idea what I was doing and was listening to older "friend" of mine. I had no idea PCT or anything else and half assed my diet and my strength training was half ass foot ball training. Well needless to say I got bigger especially for the kids in my high school but, now I am paying for it. If I don't stay on atleast a TRT dose year around I can barely hold on to strength and just feel lethargic. I am 90% sure it because of the shitty cycle and non existent PCT from back then. So in hind sight I would not have touched gear until I was atleast into my 20's.




1 obviously has to contain lots of jintrophin or other pharma grade hgh




Would this still be your choice if you were to have done your first cycle in your 20's?


If I could do it all over I am honestly torn between what I would run. The first 2 cycles I ran were absolutely great loved them and the results minus the crash from no PCT. How ever knowing how my body handles the drugs now I would honestly probably run the 1000mg Test and 750 Tren. I would never advise it for someone to run that high if they were just starting out but with knowledge of how I would handle it I would probably just go straight in.

How ever I doubt that was really the intent of your question so to answer it better yes for my or any ones first cycle I would run/suggest 600mg of Test E or C and 25mg Dbol for first 6 weeks you can't and wont go wrong with it great beginner cycle and financially fairly easy to obtain.


Money no object cycle... 1000 test, 750 Tren, maybe some Dbol, and lots of HGH. Mostly the HGH because the good shit is so damn expensive. This is also kind of dependent on my goals. I'm assuming a bulking cycle.

Deca scares me. I know you can combat Deca dick with other drugs but the thought of it not working is just enough to keep me away.


Interesting to see that both responders so far (installglass and Reed) basically stuck to classic compounds that are not particularly expensive even when money was not an issue, with the exception of the addition of HGH by installglass. Again, I have no first hand experience with AAS or other PEDs but, from what I've learned so far, drugs like Masteron, Primobolan (both oral and Depot) and Anavar (assuming real Anavar and not a counterfit, of course) seem like ideal additions that are very often not included in the typical cycle because of their scarcity and price.


That's because the classics have proven they are they best time and time again you can't beat a Test and Tren stack.

  1. Test/tren/mast and hgh. Alternating dosages based upon my goals, between high test and tren and low test high tren with high mast with both and of course hgh.

  2. Deca, only ran it for a little bit but stopped due to injury and took a long time to feel normal again. EQ, waste of money, gave me anxiety and high BP

  3. I wish I never did my first cycle at 17. No pct, no AI just went off of a "buddy's" recommendation, then obviously ripped me off because hell I didn't know prices or what I was doing.


3000 mgs test cyp per week
15 IU's growth a day
1000 mgs tren per week
1000 mgs deca per week
1000 mgs masteron per week

Weeks 1-16

Weeks 19-22 pct

Followed by another 12 weeks
3500 mgs test cyp
20 iu's growth daily
1500 tren
1500 deca
First 6 weeks 100 mgs dbol a day.

I would either be dead or really huge. (and yes AI would be used LOL)


Would be sick to be on that amount of gear I couldn't even begin to think of what the results would be.


I have a close friend who is. The results are sick.


Damn man insane I wish I could afford just the Test and Tren for that hahaha.


What is the purpose of the PCT? Why not just do a simple bridge for 4-6 weeks?


Not sure as a pro outlined it for him.


Holy crap that's a lot of drugs lol.


Yeah, but it would be the shit. If you survive.... It would probably be required to have a female that was wanting to fuck 4-5 times a day. I know what 1000/wk of test does. I can't imagine 3k.


Does he use HCG on cycle? Do you know his PCT looks like?