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A complete colapse this weekend

After 2 months of being strict on tdawg2 I had a complete meltdown this weekend. It started with a bachelor part friday night and went downhill from there. Ive eaten more food in the last 3 days then I have in the last 2 months! Im back on track tomarrow, How do I recover, Its fair to say that I may not be hungery again for a few days!! Do I force the 6 meals? how about calorie intake should I cut for a few days? Any suggestions how to bounce back will be appreciated. Ill figure out how to deal with the guilt, but I need advice on the physical part.

this should get the cravings out of your head for a while. I say just start where you left off, knowing that your next workout or two will be supercharged with glycogen! Let’s compare pig out sessions in detail… you first

Dont cut, yes force the six meals down if you have to. Go right back on track and do exactly what was working befor.