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A Common Problem?


First of all I am not a big dude. I'm sitting at 185-190 right now at 8% bf (I got it tested at BU facilities but can't say how accurate it was). But I'm bigger then all of the people in my friend circle seeing as most of them are 130-160. Yesterday it was something like 85 degrees out and I was sweating like a motherfucker. We were just sitting around at night and I felt like I was sitting in the desert sun. Anybody else have similar problems? The only reason I posted it here was because I thought it might have something to do with my size, however small it may be. Any bigger guys experience that too? Like the 220+ guys?


Yeah, but I’ve always sweated really easily. Since I was a kid.


Will a technical answer do? As you get bigger, your volume increases in three dimensions, whereas the surface only increases in two dimensions giving you less cooling power as size increases. The effect is geometric so think of you volume increasing to a power of three and skin (our only real cooling organ) only increasing to a power of two. Really big animals are less affected by cold (think ice age) but don’t cool of well. Humans are megafauna, like lions, bears, elephants and cooling is a difficult issue for all.

A secondary effect is probably from circulation. You exercise so probably have great circulation and more capillaries.

I’m about 230 pounds and I’m always hot as are almost all other big guys I know.




At 230, I am usually the warm one in the room. I just learned to let myself acclimatize more than most, so I don’t get bothered by the heat as much as most people. but all things being equal, being biggerm means your usually hotter.


I just get veiny


I sweat like a bastard too if it’s hot out. I think it’s more about a genetic predisposition than your hugeness. At 185. Right.


I sweat when i’m near irish, he’s a sexy momo