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A coach davies workout for basketball players?

Is there a workout by john davies for basketball players, and after reading his artical what can i use from it to improve my workout and kick ass this season?

He posted one for a young basketball player last week. Search the archives for it under Coach Davies.

Thanks for asking - I do a very extensive training for basketball players. Tell me about your training? In faith, Coach Davies

Coach Davies gave me this workout to use on my
son, who plays basketball. Check it out:

rounds 1-3, 15 burpees
rounds 4-6, 15 star jumps

vertical jumps with ball overhead (as in “board drill”)
side to side jump with ball overhead in a “saxon” type movement
med ball wood chopper with jump - 5 sets.

Beyond that, I (Coach) would like to focus in on functional movments and make sure he finish with a 15-30 minutes shoot-around.

Give it a shot Will.

my program for the hoop game is a lot more advanced once your in the high school/University game level. I had a great situation a few years ago with a player. We had a closed workout with only a few NBA front office people, like Jerry West. My player a 4 comes out, music blarin’ and his point guard starts setting him up for some sick dunks. He’s ripping ball after ball done, nasty dunks. Suddenly, someone realizes, he thats not a basketball - its a med ball. - Got the real ball in and his power was unbelievable. He got a sweet deal and I get nice courtsides.
I love this game (hmm, maybe I should trademark that)Let me know,if I can help, In faith, Coach Davies