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A Clean Slate



I was just obligated to take 4 weeks off from training (sick).

Lost 25lbs bodyweight.

An interesting side effect is that I can now do a full snatch no problem :slight_smile:

Also, no more sleep apnea :slight_smile:

Obviously, I'm weakened, but that will come back quickly.

I think that you have had a few occasions of coming back from illness before too, correct?

What would you suggest?



Actually I'm coming from one right now. I wasn't out as long as you, 10 days, lost 10bs, not 25lbs.

I find that the best way to regain lost strength is high frequency, submaximal work.

-Pick 4-5 lifts that cover the whole body

-Do 3-5 work sets of each, every day

  • Use a linear double progression:

Start by doing sets of 5 reps. Start with a light weight, well below what you can currently do for 5 reps.

Every day add 5-10lbs on each lift.

When you cannot add even 5lbs on a lift, shift to sets of 3 and keep increasing the load daily.

When you cannot add 5lbs on a lift for sets of 3, switch to sets of 1 and keep increasing the load daily.

When you cannot add weight for your sets of 1 for 3 consecutive days, switch to a more normal program.

NOTE: you only perform on rep number per workout....

For example you do 3 sets of 5 every day, adding 5-10lbs at every workout... you do all your work sets of one day with the same weight.

When you cannot go up in weight with sets of 5 in one workout, you switch to sets of 3. Keep adding weight every workout (doing all 3-5 sets in one workout with the same weight). When you cannot add weight for sets of 3, switch to sets of 1 and keep adding weight at every workout.


Thank you very much for this reply.

Today I just did full ROM dead hang pull-ups to mid-chest. Then, your suggestion of OH lunge with each leg and OH squat with the bar. Then snatch with the bar, catching it at almost parallel and riding it down to below parallel OH squat. Then paused back squats with just 135.

My upper body still feels fairly strong - lower body is incredibly weak and unsure. I look like a wet cat when I'm squatting.

Is that just from atrophy and CNS being 'dead'?


Just atrophy... unless you had your CNS removed and it is actually dead :slightly_smiling:

Seriously, lower body strength and balance is much more complex than upper body movements, that is not unusual.

Loaded carries is the solution for that.

3 sets of 1 minute with 1 minute of rest every single day.


I will do it - thank you.

I can do bear hug carries with 1 or 2 plates.

Also OH carries with one plate.

I really appreciate the suggestions.

It feels like this is a whole new beginning.

Interesting thing is that I couldn't care less about how much weight is on the bar any more. Also, it feels like I've turned into a form freak.

Every move has to be perfect.

I see this as a good thing...


this sounds interesting and is probably what I need right now as I am coming back from a layoff that has been rather sporadic. Out of curiosity, is there anything wrong with potentially still be doing 5's on some lifts while we have moved onto singles in another lift?



No that's what you should do... only do to 3s when you can't progress on 5s... but when progress stops, you must go to the lower rep number.



Wondering how the plan Thib laid out is going for you