A change in volume.

I have trained with the conjugate system for about as long as I can remember but lately I have been wanting to get into lifting with higher volume/ frequency of training ie moving from 4 to 6 maybe even 7 days a week. Just gonna layout a rough draft of a week let me know what you think looks good what doesn’t and all that good stuff.

Monday- Squat ME
Work up to Squat Variation to max 3-5.
3-4 assistance focusing on posterior chain mainly.

Tuesday- Press ME
Log Press/ Incline Lock outs/ Bench work up to max 3-5.
2-3 pulling movements

Wednesday- Squat DE
High Bar Free Squat 8-10 sets of 3 at 55-65%
2-3 assistance core and posterior chain.

Thursday- Press DE/ Technique
Push Press or Log Press 8-10 sets of 3 at 55-65%
2 pulling movements

Friday- Squat Technique/ Light Volume
High Bar Squat or Front Squats 6 sets of 3 at 70-80%
2 assistance moves

Saturday- Bench Technique
Bench Press 6 sets of 3 at 70-80%

You’re still doing conjugate method, your just breaking it up some and adding in some extra stuff. The guys as westside do there template, but they also do extra workouts inbetween main workouts and even on the days they do workouts.

This could be form work with 1/3 of your max. Or prowler work. Or maybe some extra upper back and hamstring work. Maybe some kettlebell swings for cardio or tire flipping. OH squats or goblet squats for form and mobility tweaks. Strongman events at more of a conditioning pace. Mobility and soft tissue work. If you wanna go this route just use your imagination. It would also depend on what stage of your training cycle your in.

Personally, I don’t do any of that because work takes care of it for me besides mobility and soft tissue stuff.

Or maybe you were already doing that kind of thing and you want something completely different. If so disregard.

check out the 5/3/1 high frequency project on wendlers website. its a free download.