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A Chance to Prove Myself

A couple of days ago I found out that I have been given the opportunity to attend the trials for a the Brumbies (a Super 14 rugby team) Academy. This is a huge opportunity for me and a reward for the hard work I put in over last summer. So I’ve decided to start a log here to track my progress and give me more incentive to stick to my new training plan.

First up some stats…

Age: 21
Height: 176cm
Weight: 116kgs (Morning)
Position: Prop

Squat: 210kgs (3RM)
Deadlift: 160kgs (1RM)
Bench: 140kgs (1RM)

My goals are to maintain or increase my current strength levels while increasing my cardio fitness and dropping body fat.

I will be following the Westside for Fat Bastards plan and adding in 3 cardio sessions a week. I will be doing mostly interval running for cardio with some sprints added in for variety.

I will attempt to post most of all of my workouts. Any criticism/advice would be appreciated.


Just got back from first morning of cardio. 6.2kms in 40mins of interval running. 2mins @ 8.5km/h then 4mins @ 10.5km/h. Feeling good. Alot better then on Friday when I last did this session.

First ME bench day today. Looking forward to getting back into the gym hard after a week off.

Breakfast time.

Congrats…I’ll be following your progress with interest!!

[quote]Dentfixer wrote:
Congrats…I’ll be following your progress with interest!![/quote]


Just got back from first ME bench day. Im fucking wrecked. Super setting all the accessory exercises killed me. Feeling good though. Workout was as follows (all weights are in kgs… Im australian so dont care about pounds):

1 BB Bench Press - 10x60(Warm up), 5x100, 5x110, 5x120, 3x130 (Failed on the 4th so dropped 10kgs off and did 2x120 to finish)

The rest i didnt keep track of the weight used but did 3 sets of 10 for everything.

2a Skull Crushers
2b Bench Pull

3a DB Tricep Extension
3b Face Pulls

4a Standing BB Press
4b Rear Delt Flys

5a Tricep Pushdown
5b EZ Bar Curl

Tomorrow is RE Squat/Deadlift, am looking forward to it.

Congrats mate, that’s an awesome opportunity. When are your trials? Out of interest, what’s with your deadlift being so far off your squat?

Thanks mate. Trials are soon. Not too sure exactly when yet but I find out in the next couple of days. My deadlift is behind my squat for 2 reasons. 1) I’ve always had naturally very strong legs. Being short and heavy meant I’m a natural squatter (which my training partner hates!). 2) I really only got into heavy deadlifting a few months ago and so have been slowly progressing. My goal is to get my deadlift over 200 by the start of next years rugby season.

So did RE Squat/Deadlift today. Was a lighter session as my lower back was quite tight and I was hesitant to go heavy on a dodgy knee as it’s the first time I have done weights on it in a while. Overall a good session even if it was light. First time I have done proper wide stance box squats so my hip flexors took a beating but did enjoy them.

Program as follows:

1 Box Squat

2a Deadlift
2b Side Bends

3a Good Mornings
3b Stiff Leg Raise

4a DB Shrugs
4b Back Extensions

Am running tomorrow morning but rest day for weights. Depending on how I feel I may through in a sprint session tomorrow afternoon.

just got home from interval run. legs were quite sore to start with and worse now but still managed 6.3kms in 40 mins

No weights today but god damm my legs are sore after yesterday. Actually hard to walk. Loving it! Tomorrow is RE bench. Should be good fun.

Got letter today about trials. They are on the 22nd and 24th of September. Means I won’t be able to drink at my 21st bday (the 22nd) but Ill take the opportunity as a better birthday present. Also means ill have finished my first cycle in time for the trials.

Today was RE Bench. Program as follows:

BB Incline Press

BB Decline Press - got to 90kgs for 12, never really done much BB decline but that is PR. Am keen to do ME decline on next cycle.
Incline Sit Up

DB Tricep Extension
DB Hammer Curls

DB Shoulder Press
BB Upright Rows

Tricep Pushdown
Cable Curls - Did EZ bar curls instead as my rugby club gym doesnt have anyway to do cable curls.
Rear Delt Flys

Overall a good sesh.

Had a run this morning. Feeling like shit and legs were still not 100% did 3 and a bit kms on elliptical machine to loosen the legs up. Bit of a lighter session but legs are definitely feeling better. Good because I have ME legs today. Am training with mates from rugby today so will show them how real men squat. Should be good.

Just got home from ME Squat/Deadlift. Very happy with outcome of the sesh as i havent done max squats in a while. Havent lost any leg strength though which is good.

1 Back Squats
60kgs x 10, 100 x 5, 140 x 5, 170 x 5, 180 x 5, 190 x 5

2a DB Step Ups - worlds most boring exercise
2b Cable Crunches

3a Deadlift
3b Side Bends

4a Kneeling Ham Raise
4b Stiff Leg Raise

5a BB Shrugs
5b Back Extensions

I don’t see where you are stretching. It will help you heal a lot faster in the days following intense workouts.

I generally get some stretching done after the sessions but no where near enough… will definitely make an attempt to start doing it more often.

Forgot to update yesterday. Did ME Lats. Back’s a bit stiff now but that could have something to do with last night being rugby presentation night and the sinking of many beers. Overall was a good session. Haven’t done T-Bars in ages but enjoyed them. Did Lat Pull downs instead of Pull Ups because my rugby gym doesn’t have an assisted chin/dip station.

1 T-Bar Row - worked up to 120kgs (I think, may have been 110)

2a Seated Row
2b Cable Crunches

3a Pull Ups
3b Incline Sit Ups

4a DB One Arm Row
4b Crunches

Also found out the format for the trials. Physical testing will more then likely involve 3RM for Bench and Squat and possibly Bench Pull. Speed testing over 20/40m and a modified beep test (more rugby specific - higher intensity running with rest periods). Will also be skills drills and game play.

I am fairly happy about the 3RM tests as it fits in perfectly with my program. This week is 2nd week of the program so am doing 3RM all week which will give me a good idea of my targets for the trials.

Goodluck mate. In your dp are you playing for easts or the other team? When i was younger i used to play for Easts, good club.

[quote]alexdoesweights wrote:
Goodluck mate. In your dp are you playing for easts or the other team? When i was younger i used to play for Easts, good club. [/quote]

I’m the Easts tight head. The other team is Wests. I agree it’s a great club. This is my 2nd season with them. I played colts last year and was expecting to only play 2nd grade this year but got thrown into the deep in and played the whole year in 1st grade. Was a great learning experience and the reason I got nominated for these trials

If you don’t mind me asking what school did you go to? Was it a GPS one or a CAS one or ??? That’s impressive going from colts straight into first grade, must have deff impressed in colts.