A chance of a life time.

today is a sad day!!! because today is the day i found out that my best freind in the world isnt a t-man he isnt even a man. this story starts out 2 years ago…i play college baseball at a juco in southern indiana, and the program at my school is for t-men, my coach is a bastard he will call your man-hood out every day, force you to live up to 100% intensity day in and day out, out of 24 guys in my freshman class last year only 3 of us came back all the others quit or transferd becuase they couldnt handle the stress of being forced to be great. well the story goes like this my best freind was a great high school baseball player in high school, but his faimily is loosers and never pushed him to excel and he didnt. he decided to go to a local school back home in indianapolis and work on the side- he was a complete waste of talent, well this fall semester we had a shitty second baseman this kid flat sucked dick, and my coach was having trouble finding a replacement, well i knew my freind was one hell of a second baseman but i didnt trust his work ethic, and he had asked me last year if i could talk to my coach about him playing here and i flat lied and told him i didnt think he was good enough (but i knew he was), well my team was in a pickel and needed a second baseman so i called my freind and told him my coach wanted to give him a shot, so here i got this kid who had been out of baseball for almost 2 years a opprotunnity to play at a national contender junior college baseball program ( last year we finished 5th in the nation) and my coach is excited cause he is talented, well he found out he was getting this opprotunitty in september so he has had 4 months to get in shape for the opprotunnity of a lifetime, well here is the kicker, yesterday was our first practice and it was a killer a real test of man hood we did 16 suicides and a 20 minute run it was tuff but nothing that would kill you or any thing, well he was dying and was pucking having a nose bleed and i was like your a pussy, and i go to his dorm room this morning and he is gone he packed up all his shit and went home after one mother fucking day, what a fucking pussy , i want to kill him, i gave this lil mother fucker the opp of a lifetime and he fucking pussied out, what a fucking pussy,

YOU are a low life!!!a “man” that lies to a “friend” is not a man and will never be one. YOU are a fake and a punk. DEAL WITH THE PATRHETIC LIFE YOU LIVE!!!

ME who are u talking about

Instead of dissing him, why don’t u encourage him…work hard with him to get him to where he should be. I mean, he’s not done the first practice warm up stuff as often as u do it. So he’s not used to it,even if he backed out, maybe u should’ve talked to him and be his best friend.

YOU are a low life!!! a “man” that lies to a “friend” is not a man and will never be one. YOU are a fake and a punk. DEAL WITH THE PATRHETIC LIFE YOU LIVE!!!

You got it all ass backwards. He “lied” to his friend because he saw potential in his friend that no one else did and wanted the best for his friend. But it was too bad his friend did not have the motivation and drive to push beyond the normal boundaries to be truly great. “Lip” wouldn’t be a good friend if he didn’t do something to push his friend towards excellence. And if so-called friends expect you to reinforce their lazy habits, then one should get better friends as “birds of a feather flock together”. You only got one life to live, so do you want mediocrity or would you rather work hard and be the best you can be? The only “punk” was his friend who did not make use of his God-given talents.

You’re an idiot. Get a clue and take some lessons on how to write in English. Next, go see a counselor or someone who can teach you on how to be a human being and a friend.

Some of you fuck ups are really fucking stupid. Maybe this guy just was not up for Junior College baseball (who the fuck wants to deal with an asshole coach to play games no one gives a fuck about anyway), or he had some other shit in his life he needs to deal with. What the fuck are you going to do with your Al Bundy ass after sub-minor leauge baseball stips you out? I can guess that you won’t be a writer.

You guys are a buch of hypocrits. he lied to his friend to protect him, cause he knew if he gave him a shot at what he wanted then exactly what happened would happen. and telling him he should be a friend and help him get in shape is a load of crap, if any of you were given a big shot like this would you waste 4 months doing nothing and then turn up and ask for some help? and this is an oppertunity that it sounds like he didnt deserve, he didnt get it because he worked harder then all the other candidates, he got it cause he had a good friend.
You guys are hypocrites, on one hand you read this mag thats all about geting up and doing thing, not sitting around and whining like so much of society, you read articles by guys like Coach Davies, you is fiece kind of guy and woulda been even harsher on this guy, and you play along with it all. look, if a guy got invited to Westside Barbell Club, was given a big shot at what he wanted, was due to arrive in 4 months, and was told to come ready to train. then got there and couldnt even complete the warmup sets, whats gonna happen??? right. donteven worry about it Lip.

Bwahahahahah!! When I first started reading this I thought for sure the punch line was going to be some Jerry Springer-ish twist about how -he- ended up being a -she-!

I’ve learned that is unwise to put your, erratic, undependable friends in a position where they can make you look bad professionally. It almost always ends up in some kind of mess. Whether it is they overstepping their bounds, getting into some rivalry with you, or pulling you into their office grudges. Save those positions for the more introverted friends without any issues. This mistake unfortunatly was yours. He was only being himself. The same undependable fuckhead you’ve known all this time. I’m sure he feels horrible about it, possibly worse then you.

Chance of a lifetime? You’re joking right?

Being a Tman is a lot more than playing some crappy juco baseball. If your buddy wants to play, he’ll play. Try raising kids, getting a professional degree, teaching sunday school, mowing an old relatives lawn if you want to be a man. The chance of a lifetime is getting your degree and getting your head out of your ass, not passing up on a college sport. Maybe the guy doesn’t want to play, for whatever reason. It doesn’t make him a pussy.

You were right, you gave him a shot and he blew it. But honestly if you are that dedicated dont hang out with losers. It sounds bad but I my brother and our training partner wont allow our other teammates to train with us untill they’ve proved their work ethic. We not being elitist, rather we control the emotional egde of the wo’s and can’t afford to have other fuck it up. He is a pussy he has blown his shot, cut him outta your life. I have a friend who had a similar situation, although college, and he partied and wasted his first chance, we berated him and busted his ass and he got his grades back up and with the help of Davies wo’s he is gonna kick some ass this year when he returns. Dont let people who want to be mediocre drag you down. If it is your priority then surrond your self with like minded individuals who will help you kick ass.

Go back to school and learn something besides sports and the word fuck. English would be a good start. Other than that, I’m with Kubler my new hero.
Mr. Kubler, sir, can you be my hero? Please don’t dig through my trash.

Since he was going to school at home AND
working on the side, he doesn’t sound like
a loser to me. Maybe he left quickly because
he didn’t want to lose the opportunity
to re-enroll this semester in school back home?

When you’re interested in something yourself,
it does look bad to you when another person who’s talented in it doesn’t have much interest. I suppose those who knew that I was talented as aircraft mechanic or as a recording engineer might think I’m a loser for giving those up, but, I wanted to do other things. Maybe your friend is just aware that the vast majority of those skilled in baseball at the high school or even college level never make it to the majors and decided not to re-shape his life around such an unlikely goal.

Or maybe he really is a pussy who made the wrong decision just out of being unwilling to put in work. But I’d guess not, seeing as how he was working and going to school prior to this. That in some ways takes a lot more dedication than playing baseball on a scholarship does.