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A Chance for Redemption

I have a chance to jump back into the “W” column on January 25th in West Palm Beach, where I’ll be fighting some Jiu-Jitsu guy from the Dominican Republic. If you’re in West Palm and want to see some No-Holds-Barred fights, then check out


Too bad Ko and I can’t be there to cheer you on! However, we will be with you in spirit! WINNING spirit! Go, Jason!

Good luck!!! And this time protect your melon!!!

Jason, good luck big dog. I’m sure you’ll take the W in this match. Keep up the hard training. Look forward to seeing you in the gym sometime soon. You’ve been missing out on some good Renegade workouts between Siscokid and myself. And of course all the looks and questions we get from the crazy stuff we do and the equipment we bring to the gym (ooof medicine balls, kbells, etc.).