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A Challenge to the Coaches

Okay, here is a challenge to all the great coaches and people on this site. I hope that Mr. King, Staley, Davies etc… will respond.

Can you design a few workouts for in the home. For those times when you can’t make it to the gym. Minimal equipment. Maybe some dumbbells, punching bag stuff like that.

How good can these workouts be for developing a good physique. I’m not as interested in being a BB, I am interested in the Martial Arts and know that a good physique comes with hard training. Maybe not a BB physique but still a good one.

So there’s the challange. Anyone??


Hey brother, sounds like you want to join the Legion. There is nothing as beautiful as an athletic physique. The Renegade physique is just as deadly as it is beautiful. Renegades don’t need a gym. Renegades for the most part don’t want a gym. King is cool and so is Staley, but Davies would kick the shit out of both of them at the same time with one arm tied behind his back…Sorry Coach, but this guy said he was into martial arts, I thought he ought to know. We train for speed and violent impact and we don’t need any gym, so I think your choice is clear. The Legion is calling.

As much as I dislike a lot of the stuff in Ironman, Steve Holman does write a good column called “Home Grown <insert bodypart here” each month. This month was legs. Might want to flip through the next time you’re in the grocery store.

You can have an incredible work-out without any gym. I’ve just started to learn about this ‘renegade’ training, and it seems similar to a lot of the stuff I’ve done for the past year from the advice of Matt Furey…so called, “Dinosaur Training.” Doing farmer’s walks with huge buckets of sand and water, lifting kegs, logs, and big military canvas duffel bags filled with sand, doing uphill sprints, one-handed lifts with dumbbells…it’s really only limited by your imagination. If you’ve ever seen anything about athletic training in Cuba, it’s amazing…they put out athletes who are competitive with the richest countries in the world, and they don’t have jack to train with, almost everything’s improvised for the vast majority of competitors. I saw these guys doing body-weight exercises on what amounted to a kid’s jungle-gym, pushing heavy boxes across a surface with 8" of sand, doing power sprints while thigh-deep in water. Regarding incredible functional strength…just thing about gymnasts…how many bodybuilders, no matter how much they can bench, can perform an iron cross?

So where are the routines at?

DARK RENEGADE: In the next gatering of writers for t-mag someone must remeber to bring some glovs :slight_smile:

Better put gloves on Coach Davies and give King and Staley baseball bats. Just to make it last more than two seconds.

I can’t believe no one has mentioned Matt Furey’s Combat Conditioning. While I am a huge admirer of both Staley and Coach Davies’ - Furey’s program sounds like something up your alley. Also for good heavy bag workouts, check out some books about boxing-style workouts. Uh, I do know of one, but I once I remember the title, I’ll post it.

In addition to what’s already been mentioned, I think you might want to get some Jump Stretch bands, the one’s westside uses not that sorry surgical tubing some people use. With jump strecth bands the number of exercises you can do is almost endless.

I think you will find most of training programs are without question of the “garage gym” type. There is no way you will find any fancy equipment within the world of Renegade training. Actually one of the complexities of my articles is adapting it for the person who trains in commercial gym environment. In faith, Coach Davies

DARK RENEGADE: From my side is was a joke, I haven´t got a clue who would win and frankly I don´t care that much.