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A Challenge... Not for the Faint of Heart

I have an online coaching group. A new group starts every 3 months (next one starts in April). On top of the 12 weeks programing, diet and unlimited online support, I present weekly challenges to the group. These will not only test you but also provide a strong stimulus for one or several physical qualities.

This is the challenge this week. Are you game to try it?

Game to try it? Absolutely. Think I could do it? Pretty skeptical. I think those last 3 sets of squats alone, without the time restrictions or prior work, would leave me floored. 10 reps at 75% is a hard set for me. 8,9,10 in 3 minutes is brutal.

Absilutely… which is the purpose of the challenge… making it hard to complete


I’ll try it. Only problem I have no clue what my 1rm is on any lift. :grimacing: