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A Caveman's Quest for a 100kg OHP

you fucking read it, thats what i want.
Weapons of choice: 5/3/1, Food, Death Metal

i have been doing 5/3/1 for a while, love it. i am doing 2 ohp days instead a bench one. not concerned with looking pretty, but am aiming to lose BF for health, about 20lbs would be nice.

Current Stats: 80kg 1rm ohp (may - havnt maxed yet, but still progressing)
Deadlift: 180kg x5 - chalk overhand grip conventional
Squat: 160kg x1? (have had to deload recently, have done 180kg x1)

training plan: thurs, fri, sun, mon

OHP 5/3/1, BB row 5x10, OHP 5x10, Chins other shit
DEAD 5/3/1, Back squat 5x10, shrugs 5/3/1 (greasing the grove with squats)
MAG-10 Pulse fast day
OHP etc
Squat 5/3/1, Squat 5/3/1
MAG-10 Pulse

recent pr’s:
OHP 64kg x9
DEAD 180kg x5, 170kg x10
Squat 120kg x20, 140kg x 10 (this really sucks atm)

3/3/R is the current phase.

Thurs: OHP 64kg x8
BBrow x10 up to 80kg
OHP 5x10 45kg

Fri: Dead 170kg x10
Squat 5x10 100kg

Sunday(today): OHP 64kg x9 (+4kg pr for 9rm)
BBrow x10 up to 81.5kg
OHP 5x10 47.5kg

3/3/r squat 140kgx8 - ok

back squat 100kg x20
gm 40kg 5x10

Leg press 220kg x50
leg press (sled) 410kg x40

felt awesome tonight

5/3/1 OHP 66.4kg x5
BBB OHP 49kg 3x10 2x7
BBB bbRow 70-90kg
calf raises/curls/t extensions/facepulls

pressing didnt feel so strong today, especially compared to last sunday.

GL with your goal.

Do you plan on making it happen this year?
Was 64kg x8 set all-out? Because that’s about what I do (cf my log), but last time I checked my max, it was still quite a bit behind 80x1 and more like 70x1.

dnt think it will happen this year, but will work with all my might. my top sets are always all out till im unable to keep form (so to speak). my 80kg max was on one of those days where your body is primed just right, everything feels great etc. pissed i didnt film it, will do next time though.

5/3/1 Deadlifts 185kg x4 - meh, reps felt strong, but wanted 5

5x10 back squat 105kg easy

hill sprints x10

5/3/1 OHP 66.5kg x6 - much better, felt stronger overal

BBB ohp 49.5kg 5x10
High BBrow (nipples) 60-70kg
db row 50kg x20
floor pree 5x5 60-80kg

good today

What happened?! You should be way ahead of me by now!
I’m guessing life/studying intervened. Good luck getting back on track - no doubt you’ll get there.
Are you doing two OHP days a week?

life definately got in the way. from july to september i was trying to earn a living while doing reenactment every weekend and now im in my final year at uni. yes im doing two ohp days a week.

5/3/1 squat 150kg x9 - was going for 5, but i t turned into 6, which went to 7 etc

squat 5x10 110kg

hill sprints x8

5/5/R ohp 64kg x8
ohp 51kg 10/10/10/10/8 -damn
wide grip bb row 61.5-71.5kg 5x10
db row 50kg x21
floor press 61.5-81.5kg 5x8

5/5/R deadlift 167.5kg x8, fucking grip
5x10 Bsquat 112.5kg
shrug rest-pause 5x15

5/5/R ohp 64kg x9 good
BBrow 5x10 63-73kg
ohp 50.5kg 10/10/10/9/9
Db row 50kg x22
FloorPress 63-83kg

5/5/R Squat 135kg x12 - easy, might have done 20 with this
5x10 squat 115kg - good, form coming along nicely
rest pause shrugs
neck harness

3/3/R ohp 65.5kg x7 -ok
1 hand bbrow 45kg 5x8
high rows
db row 50kg x23
ohp 50.5kg 10/10/9 - i have hit a wall with these. might try 5x5
floorpress worked up to 84.5kg x5

(sat) 3/3/R Dead 172.5kg x7 -reps felt good, grip strong

5x10 dead 117.5kg, big pump in hams

3/3/R ohp 65.5kg x7
dips 8/7/8/7/8

3/3/R squat 145kg x10 - form a bit off though
Good mornings
zercher squats

5/3/R OHP 68kg x6 - good
dips 9/8/9/8/9

5/3/R Dead 185kg x6 -felt real good today
5x10 dead 120kg
Rest-pause shrugs

prowler sprints

prowler sprints x6. at the moment im doing the width of a football (soccer) pitch, on grass, unweighted (dont have any lol), high bars one way and low t bar back.

5/3/1 OHP 68kg x6
1 handed BBrow
Tbar row

5/5/R ohp 65.5kg x9 - excellent

rows, dips